World Of Tanks In Linux…..Gameplay..Nice..

It’s been a while since I have uploaded a video so I thought I would start now, as it’s also been a while since I have played world of tanks and have forgot most of the keyboard commands (idiot that i am).
This is the first of a new batch of videos that i am going to upload so you have quite a few in the next week or so…..

Play world of tanks:


  1. Dirk Zuchner

    So, you are playing this on Linux? I can't get it to play, I can install it with PlayonLinux and it starts but it is so super slow that I can't even wait the 30 minutes to build the interface complete.

    I am back to a none play Linux platform, sadly I Have to run Windows 7 for gaming and I do not like windows at all.

    What is your Linux version etc. any help would be great. Thanks

  2. at54tl (LPSYS.NET)

    Go Sneekylinux!! 🙂 More Videos Please!!

  3. MerrieMelodies Fan

    Sneezylinux 🙂

  4. Ghost Sixtyseven

    World of Sneeks on the 'ux! 🙂

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