World of Tanks – Inspired by metal

Metal gods collide!
Today marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration between World of Tanks and the heavy metal band Sabaton. It turns out that not only is Sabaton a big influence for fans of the game, but the band themselves love playing World of Tanks when they have some time between the shows. It just goes to show that this kind of united inspiration brings a massively diverse bunch of people together to share their passion…and blow stuff up.
And you’d better stay tuned for more information, because more surprises are coming. \m/ \m/

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  1. Frodo Beutling

    All you have done in last updates is wrong. Fuck that shit of Artys and Scouts.

  2. Frodo Beutling

    Fuck you Graphics.

  3. Frodo Beutling

    Wargaming you should be banned for a lifetime. you will get it. die hard in hell.
    bastards telling lies. no aimbots ?
    Search for idiots to pay your game

  4. Lennika Proost

    Yes sabaton weeeeeeeeooooooooo

  5. Vanessa Palmer

    I LOVE SABATON!!! <3 <3 <3



  7. Captain Orion


  8. Jm Ag

    after sirfoch wg is trying to regain its PR…

  9. Belgian_Luftwaffels

    Fuck yeah Sabaton!

  10. Carsten H.

    I know some really bad heavy metal bands. Lakeville Valleys and Overlord Beachboys are the most annoying ones.

  11. SMGJohn

    So basically instead of fixing the game, they do more promotional stuff? M'kay.

  12. Ark 00


  13. Troy Hudson

    Wargaming bullies … #Foch #Jingles


    seriously? where do u find such cheap cunts WG?

  15. Aharon Levy

    Sabaton and world of tanks, two of the greatest things in life!


    I saw this video and looked at the description. It cut off after "collaboration between World of Tanks and the heavy metal band…." and i though sabaton? clicked on it and boom I was right

  17. F E A T H E R D U S T

    We should enslave those black tanks. Make them do our chores. They are a different race to us all.

  18. TheHammerLukas

    This games community is cancer. I loved this game a couple of years ago but now there are only those fucking retarded russian polish and czech players that i want to kill myself. This game is ruined by its childish and retarded teamkilling community of jews.

  19. Blockio1999

    I blame this one on the Sabaton MEmes Facebook group, we like our tank jokes a bit too much 😀

    Also, super hyped

  20. Anton Lindström

    My fav band and one of my fav games together , can't get much better

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