World of Tanks || IS-3A -Tank Review

World of Tanks – IS-3A Tank review of the new T8 Soviet premium heavy tank. A vehicle that sacrifices mobility for enhanced gun performance.

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QuickyBaby’s FAQ


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. MaduFall

    Its a less sexier premium IS-3 and thats all.

  2. andré ahaus

    Is3 a or is3 ??

  3. Shadow Hunter

    Defender says hi

  4. CosmicGamingCrew

    One of the first new age premiums (but atleast it's not ridiculously op)

  5. Michael Merjil

    I just unlocked this tank on the console a day ago. soviet armor, it's true what they say, blocked 4,700k damage my first match in it :D. I went down the American tank line, American heavies don't block damage as easily as the is3A, I thought I wasn't angling right, but the armor just isn't as good as the soviets.

  6. PhallicNipples

    On console it was recently available for free if you earned it, although its called the fatherland and has a custom soviet skin, i got it myself, its my first tier 8 premium tank. Im looking forward to using it to grind and train crews.

  7. Anthony0 Robichaud

    im about to get this tank for free on xbox one special event looks really good thx for the review quicky

  8. HeroOnBlitzGameplays

    reload is faster too right? Looks like 10 seconds or so. I have 13,2 on my is3 in wot blitz

  9. deveronia Zx

    u guys should be happy its not the is3 defender….its the same tank with a three round autoloader….

  10. Lawrence Best

    It has the same gun as the 112

  11. Lawrence Best

    It's like the is-3 degenerera in blitz

  12. au jack

    Good lord. Consoles are going to let people earn this tank…. In late February 17, as if that motherland t-54 prototype free wasn't enough.

  13. Lucidrequiem

    You played like an absolute scrub in that match.

  14. fn 2198

    i killed a jagdtiger alone yesterdey with my amx 12t

  15. kaakeli

    "Very slow indeed" Lol, I drive a Maus… I can tell you its not even that slow when you get used to it. I understand why you think 20km/h uphill is slow, because you play medium tanks mostly. I drive a KV-4 too.

  16. fn 2198

    i have is3a and its so amazing beast

  17. Sven :D

    QB,I know 'm late on this vid,and you probably won't see this comment,but if you do let me tell you something.I feel that this tank is made for new player,and that with standard is 3(when in right hands)you can do as much.Yeah,yeah I know fire rate and all that,but I don't just think its worth it!The only reason I would buy it for would be credits.I'm still thinking about it…

  18. Pleb Schmuck

    For some reason, when i play tiers 8 – 10 even with my light tanks i always go for IS3's as a juicy profit candy. Very easy to penetrate even if its angled – IS3 is simply a shit tank. Especially if you get tier 10 match – you fall behind heavys and absolutely sure behind same or higher tier mediums and lights. ScorpionG will simply dismantle this IS3 and IS3A, what to say about Grille 15 or any medium tanks for that matter.