World of Tanks IS-4 – 2 Kills 10,4K Damage

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World of Tanks IS-4 – 2 Kills 10,4K Damage

Medals received: Confederate, Steel Wall, High Caliber

The IS-4 is a Soviet tier 10 heavy tank.

The project was developed by the Design Bureau of the Chelyabinsk Kirov Plant starting in December 1943. In April 1944 two prototypes of the Object 701 were built. After prototype trials, the design was improved. In late 1944 and early 1945 two more prototypes underwent trials. The Object 701 No. 5 was recommended for adoption into service. However, production was called off in favor of the IS-3 just entering mass-production. After IS-3 production was suspended in 1946, production of the IS-4 began, continuing until 1949. A total of 25 IS-4M tanks were built in 1951. Later all previously produced tanks were modernized to the level of the IS-4M. According to different sources, between 235 and 258 vehicles were built in total; they were stationed in the Far East.

The IS-4 is a versatile tank possessing a good gun, thick sloped armor and a significantly lower vertical profile than many other Tier X Heavy Tanks. These are opposed by its somewhat low speed and agility. When armed with the 122mm M62-T2 gun, it becomes a fearsome opponent, capable of belting out generous amounts of damage. The IS-4 also trades the frontal armor of its predecessor, the ST-I, in exchange for better side armor and slightly improved mobility. It sports better shell penetration and rate of fire but is far from being as nimble as its counterpart, the IS-7, with the IS-4 feeling very sluggish and slow in comparison.

While its frontal hull armor is thinner than the armor of comparable Tier X Heavy Tanks, it is slightly angled and enjoys a much smaller lower glacis plate which can prove to be surprisingly resilient to damage. This tank should always be angled and used in hull-down or side-scrape position to maximize the armor protection.

Keep in mind that you are a medium and close range fighter, not a sniper. While your best gun is more capable than the 130mm S-70 naval cannon of the IS-7, it still isn’t the best suited for long range sniping and if you miss a shot it can be a painful experience. In addition, you do not have the speed and maneuverability to get yourself into position quickly and relocate if needed. However, due to the low vertical profile of this tank, you enjoy a somewhat better camouflage rating and can utilize many forms of cover much more effectively – peek out, fire a shot at the enemy, then dive back into safety. The good side armor also makes the IS-4 very proficient at side scraping. Generally, it is more well-rounded than the IS-7, but does not have any extremely strong points. A Jack-of-All-Trades tank, permitting it’s driver greater versatility at the expense of any exceptional capabilities.

The IS-4 marks the end of its Soviet heavy line.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016



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