World of Tanks – IS-6 Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank – Hard As Nails

World of Tanks - IS-6 Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank - Hard As Nails

Crappy 122mm Russian gun? 35kph top speed? 100mm of armour? At tier 8? Why would anyone spend 11,800 gold on this garbage?

Oh Jingles…

System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 680GTX graphics card, running at 1920×1080 resolution.

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Mods used:
Crosshairs with Reload Timer:
Tank Icons:
Damage Panel:

Intro by DiigitalDesigns


  1. RedxDarkDoom

    which tank will you go for fast T34 or is 6

  2. vicente valiente

    Jingles, consider playing warthunder and try it once.

  3. Aleksandar Stanković

    Gun is crap, but it's Russian, so its shots are guided by Stalin, and therefore accuracy and aiming time are irrelevant. Also, it has monsterous alpha damage, so the rate of fire is also kind of irrelevant.
    Remember kids, if a gun is Russian, it can never be shit, even if it IS shit on paper!!!

  4. Syntax

    I hate this tank, even when I angle my armor, it still gets penned like its armor is paper, and while the damage is good


  5. Direkin

    Why are your SPG icons in red? Is that to signify "pure evil"?

  6. michael johnson

    Ive owned this so called hard as nails tank and i sold it not an hour later . i hated playing it ,it was an awful tank and i felt robbed. I am a lowe player and i delight in hunting these weak scrub lord tanks . ive pulled off my best games with my lowe and recommend that over an unsaticfying piece of stool . only unseasoned fools dont know how to kill these tanks . hint hint when facing one head on shoot just above the mantlet. The is3 is 4 and T10 have the same weakness .

  7. Beau Zinhagel

    when driving the isu152 with bl10 is6 is nothing


    own the IS-6, great brawling tank

  9. TheWolfGamer Dude

    T29 sucks I have the T29 lol. IS6 is good your prob a noob with it


    Is 6 is great

  11. Calsefire

    How the hell do you kill the IS-6?  In my t29, it's just such an unfair fight

  12. CC MOGS

    They say this tank is very forgiving & idiot proof …………top of my shopping list then ! lol :]

  13. nejc devetak

    wow when is6 come out did rly have 131 pen with ap ? and only 293 alpha dmg ? o.o

  14. James Toumazis

    Says the armour is crap…….blocks 4.1k potential dmg. Jingles must've actually been on drugs back then.

  15. vw bolf jay

    the gun isn't as bad as Everyone thinks I can do a lot of damage to a tier 9 from 100m away, I love my IS6 I find a lot of people run away from it

  16. DHRax

    i swear sometimes artys are mostly just assholes and dont care about winning and just killing. Me in my shitty T-25/2 in a tier 8 match hiding behind a rock a tier 8 arty focuses on me the whole matcheven when theres heavys driving past me and stupid me thinking that he must be focusing on the heavy rather than the gun that has 170 pen and shitty accuracy but no he still shoots me

  17. Josef Stalin

    may i point out that you have shamed my country by forgetting to mention that the gun may be awful but its russian so big gun, big number, better accuracy.

  18. jordi de waard

    Can someone tell me why tf the T-54 Mod 1 is the only tier 8 premium tank with 175 (183 nowadays) without premium mm. Who agrees it should get it??

  19. Dmitri Borkounov


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