World of Tanks – IS-6/IS-6 Black Review

I take a look at the IS-6 Black edition, and by extension, the IS-6. This tier 8 Russian premium heavy tank doesn’t look overly attractive on paper, but, the stats never tell the whole story.
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    Once the Object 252U comes. no point using or buying the IS-6.

  2. Piers Cañadas

    it took me about 40 games to start getting the hang of this. Used it alot during the fartherland op and started getting much more consistency.
    The gun does troll one alot!
    I'll admit to having about 30/70 ap to prem, but apcr is no panacea to its almost pathological need to hit the UFP of your enemy if there is so much as 1mm of reticule over it.
    One thing I should mention is that it has pretty good gun depression for a rusky. Peeking over a shallow slope hides LFP and increases angle on UFP, which can make you practically invulnerable to anything but the really big guns

  3. Robs Headache

    Picked up the Tog and FV201 today…….. already for the weekend

  4. Daniel Erwine

    I got reported for cheating in a PZ. V/IV premium by the guy i killed during tank bowl . Don't sweat it just another sore loser there are more cry babies on Xbox than on play station.Your right it is not possible on the console to cheat because there are no mods.

  5. LifeZone Gamerz

    there is a slit difference to them both the IS-6 Black is more of a crew trainerIS-6 Premium Details50% Silver Bonus10%  XP BonusIS-6 Black EditionPremium Details50% Silver Bonus75% XP Bonusthere the same in everything just the black one is more of a crew trainer and the same with all the black edition tanks, there all crew trainers0                 Crew XP Bonuspercent

  6. DesertRat 57

    sold mine yesterday hate using premium ammo gun so it and miss

  7. Aaron Davies

    anyone els thinks the t28 t95 and t28 should get the speed buf now on console really hope we get the sweds soon to

  8. daniel hooper

    Gr8 video again could you do a review on the fv4202 (p) if not no prob I just like to no your oppiuon on the tank any comments are welcome

  9. sidekick28 [KILLZ]

    Thanks Cap. Great tank but, IMO, the FV201 Black is the best of the four Black heavies. Dont think I have had a bad game in it yet and, if you get top tier, its a beast.

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