World of Tanks || ISU-152 Gameplay Review – TROLL CANNON!

Gameplay review of the T8 Russian tank destroyer the ISU-152 – a total beast of a tank.


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    ISU is really big, about the size of an American heavy T29/34/30

  2. Yandere of Rias

    Rip BL-10

  3. NoobTheNoob12345678

    TOG II* won't die 🙂

  4. TrYhArDnUb 2.0

    9:51 how did the engine get damaged nothing hit it

  5. tea_rex87

    finally got the bl-10 now but constantly dying in this tank in general, not sure why i bothered going down this line -.-

  6. John Chang

    Kill are never clean with the bl10… Some times u get amo rack and other times you get a low row and leave the enemy on 1 Heath

  7. Penky Hanky

    You might as well roll dice when you use the BL10. It does not belong in the game engine and the stats are fake. It takes no skill using the BL10 because it will miss point blank range 5 times on a Japanese heavy yet get pinpoint accuracy on a light tank just by snap shooting it and on top of that blowing its ammo rack. You have to be criminally insane to use this gun it will cause extreme happiness and rage at the same time.

  8. DOGS & CATS

    Didnt get high caliber?

  9. Joe Gonzalez

    I just got to say this tank completely sucks ass when its stock like wow

  10. Count Grishnackh

    I find it interesting that they never touched that tank's gun properties. They always tweak here and there on a variety of tanks but the ISU always got away. I dot not find it unbalanced at all, love this machine.

  11. Its Tosti

    A beast of a tank! Really

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