World of Tanks Jagdpanzer E100 – 9 Kills 12,6K Damage

World of Tanks Jagdpanzer E100 - 9 Kills 12,6K Damage

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World of Tanks Jagdpanzer E100 – 9 Kills 12,6K Damage

Medals received: Radley-Walter’s Medal, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Tank Sniper, Top Gun

The Jagdpanzer E 100 is a German tier 10 tank destroyer.

The E 100 was conceived as the basis for a self-propelled gun, an antiaircraft vehicle, and a tank destroyer. However, development was never started.

The JagdPanzer E-100 is one of the two tier X German Tank Destroyers. Also known as „The Mighty Jageroo“ or „The Broomstick of Doom“, Anyone who has been struck by the massive gun of this tank,and surprisingly lived to tell the tale, will warn you steer clear of it, if it happens to find you.

This tank features a massive 170mm cannon that bears striking resemblance to the artillery gun on the GwTiger and GwTiger(P). Dealing an average of 1050 damage a shot, the JagdPanzer E-100 can strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest tankers in World of Tanks. The alpha of the gun has the ability to bring down even tier IX tanks with one or two shots. To balance the massive power of this tank, it has been given a horrid reload time, matching that of some artillery vehicles, so it is highly recommended that this tank be accompanied by a few others. The armor protection of this tank is actually quite good, the only true weak spot on the front of this monster is the lower armor plate, but when the tank is fought at an angle, even that can be difficult to penetrate. Never underestimate this tank, as doing so will cost you roughly half of your tank, if not all.

The Jagdpanzer E 100 marks the end of its German tank destroyer line.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016



  1. Bora Miray Çelikbaş

    Jagde100 17cm 2sc rld yamato 46cm 30 sc rld justice ?

  2. 業超彭



    Cool sniper gamer!


    Best TD. ever!

  5. Olivér Lakat

    this is an attacker td

  6. Sharp Tear

    He almost threw to ram the Lowe… Just use your gun Jesus Christ!

  7. Lukman Santoso

    what aаа niссе gооld hаck site, likе аnd shаrе 😉
    its оn gоoglее herеeе =>

  8. Jimmi Sørensen

    Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that these replays almost NEVER includes arty in the set up??? It clearly shows that arty really has an effect on the gameplay

  9. Hodok

    красные редкий зоопарк лохов одном месте.

  10. Narya Lestrange

    that BC 12 t quit WoT

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