World of Tanks – Jagdpanzer IV Review & Gameplay

Jagdpanzer 4 review and ace tanker gameplay from World of Tanks! A machine of the extremes… The Flatpanzer is a fearsome tank destroyer in World of Tanks when top tier, and a source of great frustration when its not…

9:08 Swamp, Standard Battle (Ace Tanker, High Caliber)

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  1. Blue Future

    omg how did you put down that plates on side

  2. Ifti the Gamer

    could you do a review/gameplay with m41 bulldog using autoloader? soon I will unlock this gun and I need to know how to use it

  3. Leptospirosi

    You forgot to mention that, compared to the Stug III, this tank is worse in every possible way, except then HP.
    In this game you had to shot 41 round to penetrate just 17, and you were lucky in the end you had no fast medium to take away your kills in the same team, or you would have delivered WAY less damage. And we are talking of a game where you are top tier!
    This tank sees Tiers, where it's gun is blatantly ineffective: there is a huge difference between the average armour of tier VII and Tier VIII when all you can deliver is 150mm of penetration and the average tank switch from 1200 up to 1600 HP with average view ranges, without optics, better then yours with…
    The reason why people HATE this tank is because all you get coming form a Sug III is some more ammo, a bunch of HP (you still can't survive in exchange worse mobility, worse cammo rate, less effective gun in a tank that needs to keep pumping out shots (revealing it's position) in order to get decent DPM.
    On this video form Jingles ( you can see how ineffective the 8.8/L56 gun is. This would badly need the Flack gun mounted on the Toaster box (tier V TD), because the actual 8.8/L56 (tiger gun) is such badly misrepresented in WoT to be silly, even on turreted tanks.

  4. CravenTHC

    I'm really glad you did this review. I'm on the tier 5 Stug right now, and I'm not very much looking forward to this tank considering all the hate it gets. Maybe my experience will be better. 🙂

  5. Badon B

    Probs for you.The first Person who speaks English and Spells Sturmgeschütz to 90% correctly.

  6. Dami16 Horvath

    Where are you from? (country)

  7. Maxsim

    You need to keep streaming!

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