World of Tanks || Just Keep Breathing!

World of Tanks – Caernarvon. Today’s rollercoaster ride in the T8 British heavy left me speechless and breathless!

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  1. Seratha Evistille

    Considering how slow the tank is, like we saw at the end as it was unable to dodge the ram or turn quick enough to get into actual cover, I think that aspect balances out the fact that it's gun is pretty disgusting. A really fast and shredding gun on a tank that's ridiculously slow, I think it balances out quite well. If you think this is overbuffed or OP, I think you're not looking at the tank logically. It trades for shit, the armour, besides the turret, is still garbage and it turns worse than a boat. So yes, this tank is balanced and while I haven't played it, I can clearly see that it's now a good tank that should be respected on the battlefield, rather than a driving mass of easy damage to be farmed up by enemies. Not to mention, you had to suffer the horror of playing the Churchill's and the Black Prince to even get to it, a well deserved reward now, I'd say.

  2. Morozova The King

    In the 7 years I have been playing wot on and off they always buff nerf and remove tanks that either don't need it need it or are good tanks but they nerf it into the ground
    Edit: they also need to get there pricing system right

  3. Angie tsab

    What is the point of playing American heavies now? Because they have strong turrets? Well most heavies have extremely strong turrets now.

    Anyways, great game, he should’ve went behind the rock and tried to track the is3, but I shouldn’t complain because I could never have done that,. GG

  4. Heri Joko Prasetiyo


  5. MY L

    BTW that is not the premium version of VP100.01P which is gonna be sold except CN server. This had been a supertest data, and why it is still remaining is that CN server has been selling it when it was only a test vehicle, even till now. The data has to fit every server. In the same way comes the premium version of something like 113, T71 CMCD P, tier 6 Pz.V.Berge-Panther etc. Kongzhong keeps doing stupid thing for a long time and WG just do nothing about it. Ridiculous.

  6. Benjamin More

    now its time for the T32 to get a different gun, or a buff to its gun

  7. pumpal LKT

    Black Prince awful tank to play at Tier 7 ? Matter of fact most tier7 tanks pretty much suck, but BP was one of the better ones IME

  8. Mark Ogdon

    What other games do you play?

  9. Attila Gergely
  10. FIN-dude

    Qb what are your computer specs?

  11. CNT

    Fuck Black Prince. Why did I get that POS after nice Churchill VII – I had to be drunk. Drive 10 min to get to battle, do 150 dmg in heavy when T-34-85 pens you frontally for 180 dmg. Bounce Tiger and Easy 8, load gold, get 40K negative end of battle. Fuck Black prince

  12. Andrei Dumitrescu

    this pile of crap will always be garbage

  13. neo2264

    Man I wish VK 100's and Lowes would flop around full broadside for me all day like that. Must be nice.

  14. Histy •

    How long would it take you guys to get the average tier 10 light tank?

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