World of Tanks – Kemping Bush

World of Tanks - Kemping Bush

An Algerian walks into a bar with an S-Tank sitting on his shoulder. The Barman says „Where did you get that?“ and the S-tank says „Oh there’s thousands of them running around in North Africa“.

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  1. allan ski

    whenever I see stuff I can't penetrate straight into HE anyway 😛

  2. Uros C

    Funny fact if any russian heavy was alive at the end he would be autopen for them 🙂

  3. Cobra6 Gaming

    Casual 1000+ damage, artillery is so good for this game and really DOES promote dynamic gameplay! 😀


    0:04 With BERT XD

  5. Victor Yau

    Thought Schrader was back when I saw the title.

  6. ısırgan x

    where are their HESH AMMO. İts not expensive, its not gold ammo . I dont understand he have only 37 HP ,too much NOOB ENEMY

  7. Kaleb Faux

    i got banned because i killed a tank that drove in front of my shot

  8. david young

    i do love the S tanks ferdi was my favourite tank until now 😀

  9. Grey Thing

    World of Tanks with… Bert.

  10. Love Potion

    The guy who sent in this replay must be Canadian

  11. Grabbypaws Dralek

    Ouch, that repair bill though. Premium consumables will do that to ya though lol.

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