World of Tanks KV-1 – 13 Kills 4,1K Damage (1 VS 6)

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World of Tanks KV-1 – 13 Kills 4,1K Damage (1 VS 6)

Medals received: Pool’s Medal, Kolobanov’s Medal, Defender, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Top Gun

The KV-1 is a Soviet tier 5 heavy tank.

Development started at the end of 1938. A prototype was produced in August 1939. The vehicle first saw combat in December 1939 at the Mannerheim Line. The tank was mass-produced from March 1940 through August 1942, with a total of 2,769 vehicles manufactured.

Most novice players will find the KV-1’s playing style significantly different from what they are used to, having just come out of the T-28 medium tank. At stock, armed with the adequate 76mm ZiS-5, it is very slow, and certainly not agile. Consider mounting the 57mm 413 if you enjoy a fast fire rate with decent penetration. The KV-1 with the 122mm U-11 gun firing HE shells can be a surprisingly fun tank to play, but don’t expect to be doing much when you get thrown in with the big boys battles.

It’s one of the tanks new players should definitely learn to kill as the same weak spots are shared with other tanks in the KV family. Frontal weak-spots include the flat plate directly below the turret and the lower plate below the heavily sloped mid section, and shots to the side and rear will penetrate the flat 60mm armoring fairly consistently.

This tank used to be combined with the KV-2 in the removed KV tank.

The KV-1 leads to the T-150, the KV-2, and the KV-1S.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016



  1. The KFC man.

    Nice game !

  2. Leichttraktor ß

    Got it today. The first 76 mm cannon doesn't penetrate tier 5+ ranks so I will take the 122 mm cannon

  3. სანდრო.

    Best tank in game

  4. Lord Nikon

    Best tank on entire game imo

  5. Master Dash


  6. monkeydude3987

    One of my favorite tanks in the game… 🙂

  7. 詠春 Brady

    And plus the o-i fell of a small cliff and lost 10 hit points lol trying to ram me but failed .

  8. 詠春 Brady

    The o-i tried hitting me but missed then he exposed his side amour i hit him in the track then the sides 3 times and he died .

  9. 詠春 Brady

    And i had a 1 vs 10 half my team killed themselves because of the other team having a o i and i got 10 kills i had 35 hit points left at end game lol

  10. 詠春 Brady

    I blocked 8 450 dmg

  11. 詠春 Brady

    I once tolk direct 15 arty hits and no dm to my kv1 i love this monster.

  12. DainixHD

    Such a cheater, daemn. Impossibe without latest cannon fugas.

  13. DainixHD

    Wtf, why you don't use latest cannon short one ? With that you can make 450hp damage.

  14. kristijan ivankovic

    best tank tier5 and

  15. biały kruk

    awesome game play

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