World of Tanks KV-1 review & guide

The KV-1 is the first Russian heavy you come to at tier 5, hopefully this will give you some tips to be a bit more successful in it.

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  1. OCTAPUS 444

    What is the best gun I can use for the tank??

  2. Stephen Assassin

    is it the 122 mm or something like that

  3. Great Kush

    hey this vid might be old, idk u still answer the comment. But i got currently struggle getting 2nd mark on my kv1,using derp spammin heat and some HE, most of the game i play my dmg only reach around 500-600ish and if i got lucky 1k dmg+. Still i dont wanna use the 85mm gun quite lack luster pen in high tier game mostly i been throw at and didnt do much….so if i wanna reach my 2nd mark should i continue using derp or 85mm?

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