World of Tanks || KV-4 – Pool’s and Kolobanov’s Medals!

Faiter119 is going to show you how to play the KV-4 getting a Pool’s and Kolobanov’s medal.

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  1. Markus

    Who watching this in 2017? That ending tho lmao

  2. Maximilian Bjarnemar

    QB: This is probably my favourite map now
    WG: Hold my beer

  3. Xahid Hasan

    noob T28 prot

  4. The Rebel

    wish I could play the kv4 this good. can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

  5. Adam Baker

    I miss pearl river when can we can get maps that are not reskins

  6. Bonkersbertie

    has quicky baby had a Kolobanovs medal?

  7. prpošan laminat

    I just stood at the plain sight in tier 10 match and i soaked up 13k dmg beforwe i got destroyed, killed one tank, and got 5500 dmg for spotting

  8. Shawn Jackson

    I hated this tank. If it had a better gun I know the gun is not bad but…yeah we all know. just so damn slow

  9. garga farg

    if prototype loaded he, it would have won.

  10. Jacob Fox

    that t28 proto only had 105

  11. Jussi Raitoniemi

    6.50 does word "sideways" ring any bells?

  12. bask185

    He was not shooting the t28 cheeks because he was merely playing a mind game with dat crappy t28 player. True KV4 players first strike their enemies with fear before they crush them XD

    Also proper KV4 drivers simply know no fear. Lots of luck in dat game, but mainly because of those bot players. To get a bools medal is always lucky, cant live with cant live without the <200 wn8 player right?

    But we can al agree on one thing, this match is made possible by 1 major factor, there are no fckn skypig buttholes… The best matches are without em wot ruining arty non-persons

    and QB: "DONT GET RAMMED"… hahahaha funny guy

  13. D Arlusic

    a classic vid, rediscovered… LOL

  14. George Noll

    I miss this map 🙁

  15. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    Stronk tenk

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