World of Tanks KV-5 – 11 Kills 7,9K Damage

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World of Tanks KV-5 – 11 Kills 7,9K Damage

Medals received: Fadin’s Medal, Pool’s Medal, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Top Gun

The KV-5 is a Soviet tier 8 premium heavy tank.

Development began in June 1941 at the Leningrad Kirov Plant and was completed by August, but plans were interrupted due to the complicated situation on the front. The KV-5 was to utilize some components of the KV-1. A new turret was designed, incorporating the 107-mm ZIS-6 gun. Two roadwheels and a single support roller were to be added on each side. A new 1,200 h.p. diesel engine was being developed for the vehicle, however it was not completed in time and was replaced with two V-2K engines.

This tank is known for its thick hull and turret armor, as well as its impotent but fast-firing 107 ZiS-6M. Even more so than the other KVs, it’s a lumbering beast with a pitifully slow turret traverse rate. However, it is also extremely heavy and thus ramming other tanks is a very viable strategy in close-quarter combat (though you’ll need a bit of space to get up to speed). There are many weak spots on this tank that an experienced player can target to inflict heavy damage, but even so the sheer amount of HP can carry it through a lot of battles. In short, the KV-5 is an excellent steel wall/roadblock that can soak up damage for your teammates, but due to its lack of firepower, it’s better equipped to be a support tank than a spearhead.

This tank was removed from the in game store with the introduction of version 0.7.5. It last appeared in the NA server gift shop in April 2016, as part of the WoT 5th anniversary specials. On the EU server, it last appeared in the giftshop during Tankfest 2015 (June 2015).

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016



  1. S4Razzee

    I play with 250ms ping and am better predicting enemy movement than him with 20ms. lol

  2. Joshua Alexanders

    This match is him just getting extremely lucky. Anyone that usually attempts something as stupid as a sniper KV-5 gets punished heavily by the enemy. Though the KV-5 also sucks in its heavy tank role as well…

  3. Steve

    O Ni thought he could ram the kv 5.

  4. László Pap

    Lamest Pool's and lamestest Fadin's medal i've ever seen… 😀
    Would say only "very alternative" gameplay till that "lets waste 10 ammo for getting some medal" thingie…this way its just bad player with n00b-resistant tank and some luck enough for a whole year for others… -.-
    5/10 tops…

  5. TheBlueFox

    Kv5 is heavy tank right? Then why just camping and sniping?

  6. Anissyah Romi

    wow people sure jealous to a guy who better than them

  7. Michael Bravo

    what kind of computer was used

  8. Jack Spoter

    he should go full speed ramming at the end, that would be glorious, 'cause KV-5 is all about ram….

  9. Fabian Balderas

    10 out of fucking 10.
    KV-5 went fucking savage! Damn.
    10/10 on style
    10/10 on fucking being Savage as fuck!

  10. José Manuel


  11. Milan Djurisic

    lucky noob

  12. Julius Galaxy

    very low gun withe 167 pen

  13. Bohemian Mapping HD

    this Guy Is so lucky, no Aim, bad posision, bad tank And still 11 kills…. wtf

  14. Gewel

    a yellow tomato

  15. ɌΔƗĐΣɌ

    Looool that idiot missed T-43 three times 😀

  16. justin jia

    I don't come to this side of the map in a Skorpion G or a STRV… then we have sniping KV-5 lol

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