World of Tanks || KV-5 – Tank Review

World of Tanks || KV-5 - Tank Review

The KV-5 – T8 Russian heavy tank gets the QuickTank Review treatment!


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  1. Vic2

    500 battles in mine and ive used apcr maybe 3-4 times only

  2. Robert LaFountaine

    Quickie, the KV5 is now in the Premium shop as part of the 2016 Advent Calendar on the NA server. I just picked one up and wow. My 2nd Match I blocked 5050 in damage. Thanks for the review.

  3. Ivan Krylov

    i have pretty good success against T8 tanks in my t-150, you just gotta be careful where you're shooting, that gun is not at all the worst in the game

  4. jim jun arrogante

    hi quickyBaby, wanna share my one of my game of kv-5

  5. Vladislav Barsuk

    It is not Russian heavy tank! It is Soviet heavy tank!

  6. ITPalGame

    $39.99 on NA w/gold and garage slot for next 9 days.

  7. Bass Junkie

    On blitz version it's gun is OP I can take off at most 380hp against Tiger 2 TIGER 2!?!? Yeah it's that great sure lacks the speed but got some armor to protect itself. Minimum hp is 180 it's not bad but could be worse.

  8. Emperor

    "Like all other premium tanks with very poor penetration " TRUTH!!!!!


    looks good

  10. MiezeMatze666

    noone mentions the gun has ONLY 169pen…and Only 213 pen APCR.

    In Tier9 u only Dmg papertanks.

  11. Kaid Nickl

    I've noticed that a lot of premium tanks work well in platoons. The KV-5. E-25, Panther M10, IS-6, and Jagdtiger 88 all perform exceptionally well when paired or tripled up.

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