World of Tanks || Lambs to the Slaughter!

World of Tanks || Lambs to the Slaughter!

World of Tanks – T110E4. Today Krashnack is going on a rampage in his T10 American turreted tank destroyer the T110E4!

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  1. TankistSI

    Love your comments!

  2. kieran leake

    World of tanks should make it that you can use the guns on the top of the turret.

  3. frost thehos

    well lucky for him the obj 261 didnt load ap round

  4. William Roche

    im happy to see his winrate, 48% or so, that's pretty encouraging that even tomatoes like me can get to tier 10 and have great games

  5. Edgar Alonzo

    HEY GUYS feel free to hit me up on roblox. Name's SquigglyPickle103, I make mods and ahve good tome ty

  6. Kvetha

    E4 master race

  7. sonnymv

    looks like a tough tank to have.

  8. coolboy123360

    yo quick baby just got out your match

  9. dirk de horde

    Congrats on 500k!

  10. K games

    Congratulations on 500k 😀

  11. Alexander Isaev

    he has too few Premium shells. Needs more!!!!

  12. Skott62

    I remember when the e4 was OP. On more than one occassion I one shotted a IS-3. It was just that good. The gripe I have with WG about nerfing it, and I admit it needed toning down, they over nerfed it. Arty and faster tanks can really do nasty things to it.

  13. Kabuki Jo

    ppl still play this mess of a game ?

  14. kohvelo badum

    500 000 sub!

  15. Chris Go

    Hey Guys, another bullshit video hand picked to line my pockets with add revenue.

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