1. jmack77

    i just got this tank, it was a hard grind … im a below average player … in one battle … 9 shots 9 hits 9 pens … 3549 dmg … it was a defeat , lost 5000 credits … i cant afford this tank

  2. M Pahl

    Really Great Gameplay.  My win rate in the PTA was 56%.  However, in the Leo 1, it is only 46%.  I am not sure what happened, but I will try to implement your advice about relocating.  IT seems like popping up to snipe is working well for you.  If you have any other advice, it'd really be appreciated.

  3. Emily hughes

    Have a sub from skotish eu 2 🙂 great play am just over the water from you in Scotland

  4. Kristoffer Bergstrom

    Hi there muffler! new to ur channel and I will stay here for a long time since I enjoy ur gamepays! in the future do you think about show replays from your subs? 

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