World of Tanks || Leopard Prototyp A – Tank Review

The T9 German medium tank the Leopard Prototyp A gets the QuickTank Review treatment!


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  1. Bill Lewis

    @Quickybaby PTA the 'glass cannon' of the IX mediums is now basically the lowest DPS, worst armor and worst Bloom??? WTF Considering easiest augmented stat is penetration by using premium rounds 9.20 has completely nerfed this line into the ground.. thoughts?

  2. Yato Sensei

    A quick preview and the video is 27 mins 😀

  3. Anthony Lee

    i love the name xD "FurryFaggot1337,

  4. Brent Reid

    Great review, informative and well-paced.

    Why is it so expensive to research? It's a little higher than the tier X it leads to, and notably higher than most tier IXs. I'm not complaining, just really curious how they calculated it. Is it demand driven, or is it that WG thinks it's such a good tank?

  5. Akai Myers

    thank you quickie baby I have the leopard PTA and still learning it as well as upgrading your review helped me learn to play it thanks again do did your vixoe in the ru helps me okay the ru better on the test server thanks again keep doing what you doing

  6. TheWaffle27

    Why are you in the bat cave

  7. Radioactive Turtle

    In the first battle there was some poor Vk 28 facing tier 9s XD

  8. Adam Baker

    Review the Jagdpanzer 4

  9. Kooduh

    Leopard Pt A is a slow sleepy dog when its stock.  Just got it couple days ago.  With such a long grind to get each upgrade, It make realize the dreadful lack of Tank Reviews and Tank Advise that talk about "how to use a tank when its new/stock"

  10. iR2bMLG 99

    Really wish you can transfer blitz data PC, I almost have the Leo 1 on blitz but I'm still on tier 3 for PC 🙁

  11. Necrophite78

    Oh I do like mountain pass once in a while, but I keep getting in the malinovka map 🙁

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