World of Tanks – LOL

After the Fail vid the other day you guys need some cheering up. And I’ve got just the video for that.

Mods used:
Crosshairs with Reload Timer:
Demoles‘ Damage Panel:

Intro music from „Epic Rock Instrumental“ by Farhan, used with permission


  1. Jussi Raitoniemi

    2.17 More like "dumb as fuck"

  2. CanMan256

    2017 Still Watching The Old Jingles

  3. VorTex gAmEr

    OMG watching this in 2017…..

  4. Xevan

    I had a game with quickybaby, now i just wish i had a game with jingles too hehe.
    Wish i didnt do poorly as i did with the quickybaby round, but he and his friend won the day in their KV-2s xD hehe.

    Love your vids Jingles, keep it up,
    if anyone would wanna team up sometime in european servers add me up: wolfikun

  5. SwiftSmackdown

    its 2016

  6. Robert Espinoza

    lol how did that amx manage to screw that up

  7. Tropican555

    I had a moment similar to the last one, so I was on Himmelsdorf in the T18(which veteran players know was once the American Tier3 TD). Well, this certain Pz. III kept harassing our medium tanks, and, being in crowded city, I could not shoot him. So… I go right into TD mode and start charging in his direction, completely ignored by his teammates. I went right up to him, planted a shot in him, and finished him off by ramming.

  8. Adam Mullarkey

    Wish I could have seen the enemy team chat in the last clip.

  9. Abdul Ansari

    Wonder what's going through the enemy arty's mind in the last replay as soon as they quit the top down view….

  10. Ayberk Tiras

    This was the best WoT. Now its totally crap…

  11. Travis Stevens

    I thought the t1 heavy would be a good tank but nop

  12. Shane Aykroid

    Wait what? T92 is a tier 10 right because at 7:02 it shows it as a tier 8

  13. justpulse

    ooh dat lorian 155.50 he must been mad but what a hero. and those 2 amx players

  14. Kyle Johnson

    the elc's turret can't turn all the way around?

  15. Silas Kuemmerle

    that T-32 driver has got to be cursing like a sailor after his plan failed that epicly.

  16. Fifth Empire

    New invention a rank made for ramming that does 1000000000000000000000 kmph

  17. ShingenNolaan

    That 'Star Wars' reference was pure gold 😀

  18. jesper bøgh

    good clips 🙂

  19. Anthony Z

    that elc video made my day lol

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