1. Ádám Furulyás

    I dare to disagree on this. As Löwe is often placed in tier 10 battles, even the sloped frontal armor gets penetrated without effort, even when angled. On the other hand, the front mounted transmission is prone to catch engine fire. The only thick frontal part is the gun mantlet, but it’s quite easy to flank a Löwe. Going hull down is another story.

  2. Talha Çolakoğlu

    Löwe weak armor long reload time not so much powerful gun like T34 but its a good MoneyMaker tank

  3. FritziFurtz

    Löwe is better, The front is almost indestructible

  4. jakobsundquist

    Löwe or T34

  5. nilschen685456

    im not sure but i had prem and we lost but i earned almost 70k-80k credtis…this löwe is a money maker 😀
    but its long time ago i played wot so i dont know the t34

  6. WookieeOnDutyFTW

    Can you please tell me how much money you made in that match ? I’m thinking of buying so i have to know! Do you know if its a better money maker than T34 ?

  7. Janno4Vanno


  8. Turbop5schel007


  9. cavaltaja

    löwe or is-6?

  10. XTHEMANXXxxx

    I got KV-5 like a month ago. I just got the Löwe today and got 2 kills! (in one battle) hey hey hey, I need to get the feel of it first. Get both. Lolz all I need is the T34. Lol I already have that French arty with the 105mm gun. Lol

  11. nilschen685456

    Yes better than the KV 5

  12. SuperOlixD

    Was ist a Good Idea to buy this Tank?

  13. Franzis8779

    @MultiPriceNice in the download manager

  14. nilschen685456

    last time i played i could change the language in the options…german, english and russia..

  15. SrDonRocha

    I think it depends in the server you connect. I use American server, but tried Spain server and the voices where in spanish. I would like to haver german voices in my tank.

  16. nilschen685456

    i think its normal when i download it in germany…but i also think u can change it in the options…

  17. MultiPriceNice

    How do you get german voice commanders???

  18. nilschen685456


  19. Jakub Sienkiewicz

    Mit Fraps :)

  20. TheOgameF


  21. nilschen685456

    ne wenn man den kauft ist der voll ausgerüstet.

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