World of Tanks – Lucky Gits

And the theme of todays‘ video is those players who are so lucky they could fall face first into a bucket full of arse and still come out sucking on a tit.

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  1. Richard Holmes

    I like my t71 …but I don't like the way your the scout wether you want to be a scout or not …..

  2. Eboreg2

    I think that Type 61 just gave up on the win and decided to perform a banzai charge.

  3. Carbon Black

    Jingles hatred for Arty is bordering on being pathetic. Arty isnt everyone's cup of tea but continually whining about it on every WOT upload is becoming laughable. I cant wait to hear his butt hurt when the stun machanic comes in. Bring back the old Jingles where everything in the grand scheme of things didnt matter and you could actually tell he was enjoying making videos. Now its sounding like a bitter old man and has to do this to collect his pension and there is no passion anymore. OH arty didnt shoot at him, arty didnt shoot at that, they are bad they must be removed, get a grip !!!!

  4. Project Atlas

    i have an M3 Staurt replay were an arty shot when straight through and did nothing

  5. Boaz Eilander

    WOT the new farming simulator

  6. Hemimike426

    I actually like using Mediums in paris, specially for charging the open bits in front of the eiffel tower, since usually no enemies cover that bit of ground other than light tanks and TDs, few ones often.

  7. ClearedToLand7

    That description is the funniest thing I've read to day.. good one Jingles..!!!!

  8. noLieBowtie


  9. onlykindacrazy

    I disagree with you on your criticism of the arty firing at the VK. He was only following your own advice, and especially if our team has higher numbers, then taking a gun out is valuable. It gives incentive for your team at that point to swarm and denies the T57 protection while he reloads.

  10. Thomas Theobald

    Why does the 25t's aim reticle dance around on the undercarriage of that last Jg100 while his view pointer is above and to the left of it, over the track-guard?

  11. Master Maul

    9:10 I'm sorry but lmao what

  12. David Snoek

    the lowe got two tier 10 kills, thats why tier 10's shoot at the tier 8's first hahahahaha WELCOME BACK jingles!!!

  13. L Bradley

    Second hit log says T49 only took 121 dmg from ramming….he had 283 HP? did someone else hit him or did the kill himself with AOE on the 400 dmg HE shot he took?

  14. Kevin Maxwell

    Why did the T71 have 12 rounds of HE?

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