World of Tanks || M4A3E8 Fury – is it Worth it?

World of Tanks || M4A3E8 Fury - is it Worth it?

World of Tanks – M4A3E8 Fury. Based on the David Ayer film starring Brad Pitt the Fury is a T6 premium American medium tank. It’s back after a two year absence – but is it Worth it?

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  1. Panther

    What is that its a trap thing

  2. gellért vörös

    Enemy armor is hit or enemy armor is shit?

  3. Delt4 Frost

    Best job I ever had

  4. reptillian master

    how is it possible to not pen a shot into a hellcat?

  5. Janice Day

    No!!!! I can't get it!!! No!!!!!

  6. Aaron Crowder

    I have vert stabs on my E8 Sherman. Why do commentators keep pointing that out as a selling point on the Fury?

  7. Death Bot

    Easy 8 is my favorite tank. Bought the Fury to make more credits. It was worth it to me.

  8. Kai Germinario

    the movie was great

  9. Master Hoe

    Why is wot still using those awful crew voices?

  10. th3xboxdud3 dud3

    so worth it i only have the m4a3e8 and it's great

  11. Robbie Maester

    Mehh e2 is better I swer just 1 shot and tier 1 too 3 tanks dead.

  12. Coelancanth

    He cant pen my E2 with stock turret XD

  13. Scotty Mac 22

    meanwhile everyone in the internet is bitching about a free game that they don't have to play.

  14. HeroOnBlitzGameplays

    the First time the fury was in the Shop in wotb it was for 14,99€. And now it's in the Shop for 54,95€. So, the question is: Wtf is going on with WG?!

  15. Ersin Er

    Can i buy this on ps4, in the uk? Someone please tell me

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