World of Tanks || Map Control

World of Tanks. Today I’m in a tricky situation for the T-100 LT where map control will be key to winning!

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  1. QuickyBaby

    Hi everyone lots of comments about "XVM sniping" which, with all due respect, was irrelevant to know the strengths of the enemy team.

    In those first 30 seconds look for (top tier) platoons, ranked badges, (clan wars) reward tanks and famous clan tags that will indicate experienced players. Use it to your advantage. if you can mitigate the impact of such influential players you're significantly reducing the pressure on your team.

    To all of the players who feel focused in world of tanks because they're skilled – deal with it. I'm undoubtedly the most focused player on the EU server, I know far more about "unicum focus" than any other player will ever do. I thoroughly recommend that you accept it will happen and try your best to avoid blaming it, no matter how tempting it can be. If you allow this to affect you you're going to go tilt and never be consistent.

    If you seriously want to reduce how much you're focused turn off your ranked/campaign badge, play outside of platoons, retire your Obj. 907 leave your top 100 EU clan, change your in game name and if none of this works just don't sign up to battle in the first place then you can't be focused right?

  2. Fabian Balderas

    Don't you mean "Trapdoor Spider?"

  3. Aleksandar Jekic
  4. Szilárd Szabó

    nah… Those are rerolls.. They got 1 decent player. Your team was stronger. I don't consider rerolls good players at all. Even if they have 19k battles with like 3k wn8 they are still just yellow… Even if they can hold the 3k wn8 that's bad. Imagine someone who has 3.3k wn8 or even higher with their first account. They could easily keep 5k+ with a reroll. What's the point of loosing 5 skill crews? In trade for showing fake 3k wn8 that you can't even reliablely keep up.. Most of the rerolls are even going down to tier2 with full stuff using only prem. ammo 😀 Jeez..
    I got 2.1k wn8 and never had a thought about a reroll. It goes up fairly fast even tho I'm playing lights as intended. It means in a lot of cases I end up with 2k dmg or so with 5k+ assist, which doesn't count. Otherwise wr shows who plays to win.

    So rerolls are just orange or ( at bast ) yellow players. They are not a threat.

  5. Mr LOL

    Yeah right, it kinda gives away, when the enemy patton is in da great FAME clan, i love em. 🙂 seriously no sarcasm.

  6. Will L

    Both teams looked exceptional compared to what I'm used to seeing on the SEA server….

  7. Keith Crow

    Ban all mods

  8. KalLanPIDT

    GG WP nice vid, I really like this sort of content!

  9. dominator spyder

    3 marked obj 907 holy shit

  10. The Flying Otter

    wargaming match making…

  11. Filda Pan

    hi gyus, how i can do this? here is link on gyazo:
    thanks for help

  12. TheGameFreak013

    man it felt good to see those loudmouth fame guys fail this game pretty hard