World of Tanks || Map Tactics #2 – Redshire.

Map tactics for Redshire!


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  1. Sniperism X

    Could you make an updated video? :3 the map is different now and also the bases are in different spots.

  2. Leevi Byman

    looking back on this old video, I can't help but feel that that the maps as we have them now are overworked. What I mean is that the maps have been made too balanced. I feel that the maps are less interesting to play when there are no absolutely dominant positions, and that the maps feel less real, less like a place where battles have been fought.
    I think that the maps were more interesting and fun back before anyone had really bothered to make them "balanced" , and when they were just made to resemble a piece of land you might see in real life.

  3. dark_Xenio

    Oh, this map has changed so muchhh…

  4. Nicholas Cossentino

    Thank you for your service to us new players of WOT. I wish to have a video on Karelia map standard. thanks

  5. CCSWE

    Fantastic video. Love these tactic vids. Wishful for an update.

  6. CCSWE

    As a new player I find your map videos extremely useful. Thank you.

  7. David Medina

    great info please continue to release these videos

  8. 123456789 123456789

    I think he stop doing this series because he had a couple thousand people crowding his spots LOL

  9. federico cogoli

    Hey quicky, i really appreciated this serie, you totally should update this as some maps have been changed, and would help us fellow tankers improve!

  10. Ciucia Chi


  11. Anthony Roldan

    That guy definitely needs to brush his hair.

  12. Thomas Russell

    you need to update these are totally out dated

  13. Mau Murillo

    Hi, what is the meaning of poke in this particular context?

  14. ridleyja

    needs updating somewhat irrelevant

  15. MotoSimmo

    Can you do more of these pls?
    And maybe tank reviews on some of the t6/7 models you haven't done yet?
    I watch your vids mainly for strategy and tips but recently it's been replays and a couple of new premium tank reviews.
    When I start grinding a new line I'll check for your reviews on anything in the line and the gaps in your library are killing me lol

  16. Cao Kha Bao Khanh

    I think this tactic is outdated because they changed a lot of stuffs in the map. If you have other other tactics for the new redshire, can you upload a new tactic vid?

  17. S.A. Smith

    "A fantastic bush to be had here" 

    ohhhh myyy

  18. john banks

    you've done 6, there are more haps right? when are you doing did say every monday..i am sure you are busy but can you do some more? thanks

  19. Dan Corrigan

    This is a wonderful concept.  I typed notes onto a notepad and will set up a notepad page for each map as I continue to delve into this.  Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to do this. 

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