World of Tanks || Map Tactics #4 – Arctic Region

World of Tanks || Map Tactics #4 - Arctic Region

Map tactics for Arctic Region!


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  1. Anthony Burkholder

    I like these videos, can you create videos for the maps that changed a little?

  2. white feather

    Thanks, will updates be coming? You do a lot for wg.

  3. Henry Jew

    Thank you for these. I would say very helpful. Please keep doing them. Any and all maps will do.

  4. onmka

    good idea with the map tactics 🙂 Love your videos!!!!Excellent job!!

  5. Joardy Koole

    1 time i played clanwars with my clan (ofcourse) on tier 6
    we had many tog II's
    what we did was: all the togs in the water(south east) and with my light tank going to the island,it is possible with min 5 togs you must ride over them

  6. Mark V

    Oh man these map tactics videos are excellent. I waste so much time in every game just trying to figure out where to go and exploring the map. I helps to have someone's opinion on where the best locations are for each kind of tank. Well done.

  7. Cranky0ldMan

    Really great series. As a new player, only 40 games or so, it feels like swimming with sharks when I spawn in.

  8. Danny Kelleher

    That took effort to make. Great vid. I thank u!

  9. Gothtecdotcom

    Shame its outdated, the bases have moved…

  10. Kristian Fagerström

    Will you do more map tactics videos?

  11. Karl Österberg

    That is art

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