1. martinaleukel94

    lol musik…XD

  2. Kombatank

    Kein wunder Das IS 7 gewinnt.
    Maus hat es einfach nicht drauf

  3. Sky Kinox

    nicht wirklich 

  4. AlexIndependence

    In the Time now closely fuicking everyone got those noob premium shells -.-

  5. Yannickelinho

    lol music xD

  6. MrEingeweide

    maus war noobig

  7. drexler lazo

    type this
    he is the player of ms 1
    WoT Is7 vs Maus

  8. Kombatank

    IS 7 ist auch 12mal besser

  9. MultiMatoni


  10. PhantomW100

    lol! ^^

  11. ultramanJR

    he’s actually alive.look at the lower left screen his hp is still full,and from the minimap I say he’s camping at the other side of the lake,something acceptable for an artillery since it was meant to strike from afar.

  12. panas1122

    only ? 🙂

    2 mm small difference.

  13. Flashbreat

    And IS-7 is faster than Maus:
    max. Speed Maus: 20 Km/h
    max. Speed IS-7: 50 Km/h


    Actually is7 has bigger gun.. Maus only has 128mm
    Is7 has 130mm

  15. TheWaschbiber

    FAKING NOOB MAUS hes sooo stupid maus driver omg

  16. MrSpy3000

    thats wrong, a Maus had better armor and bigger gun. the IS-7 would been raped!

  17. Kasim Karkaz


  18. Kasim Karkaz


  19. Huynh Dat

    they aren’t noob, just this video up 20/08/2010

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