1. Mr.President

    is it the legend27?


    Music by 6 kills ??? pls help

  3. Nikola Vukovic

    wot tank u using xdddd

  4. Panzeroberschütze

    че с модом? или ты умер?

  5. Кирилл Сенько

    bandicam, oh shiiii~~~

  6. misha 007

    russian or english?????

  7. Balázs Kovács

    what is the name of that mode what shows your badges u get in game?

  8. Giorgos Papadatos

    The only thing I didn't like was the gold-only shooting -_-

  9. blizk24

    You… Monster…

  10. xXx_420_NOSCOP3R_xXx

    Is that all 1 mod or is it montage?

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