^^| World of Tanks Mod Pack 8.9! Circonflexes

Please note, ive updated the link!

Make your own config for xvm here:

Zoom scope removal
XVM with personal circonflexes config.
3-row garage mod
Jimbo’s scope
Zoom out mod.

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  1. Marko Janjic


  2. TheJazz747

    Like some of the guys, i love everything except Colorblind "purple" mode. I tried playing for a day but i kinda miss the red. Can anyone just point me in some direction where to change it to red? I tried changing hex values for colors in xvm.xc file but nothing happens..

  3. TheApplePieGuy

    The dark blue is why people download it…. Also this works 100% in 8.9 and 8.10 so you guys just don't know how to install it.

  4. zoolkhan

    your "red" is dark blue.. how can i fix the dark blue enemy colour
    that appeared after installing your mod?  everything else is fine.

  5. J K

    How could I get into ur clan?

  6. TheMightySlayer

    What is that beard man …

  7. Hranik

    what is that colors on tanks in battle ?

  8. Paul ofTarsus

    I got an idea, why dont you (they) (them) make an xvm with just the stats, that would be ONLY the stats. Why make a mod "PAK". Now if I may, please understand I must say what I have to say. YOU are a moron. IF I wanted a MODPAK I would make a modpak. I (we) are perfectly capable of collecting a couple mods in a folder and calling it a MODPAK. Why would I want YOUR idea of what should or shouldnt be in a modak? I may not WANT Jimbos crosshairs or I might. Isnt it MY personal fn choice? ALL I want is the stats. NOTHING else. But why do that? That would actually make sense.

  9. Finn van Rijn


  10. Anonymous

    Circon may I ask why your computer is in Dutch?

  11. XxXBlizzardXxX

    why do i my game crash after 2 games when i downloaded this

  12. Kelvin Valdes

    i dont unrestand if i drop it on the mod it dost work 

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