World of Tanks Mod Spotlight – Star Wars Voice Mod Pack + Sixth Sense Mod (Working in 8.11)

This is a showcase and review video of my Star Wars Voice Mod for WoT. It is based on a mod by NoblePlatoon, which did not working anymore in the current version of World of Tanks, so I took the soundfiles from that mod and made my own version of it. This video also spotlights my Sixth Sense mod, which I simply updated to work with the newest version of World of Tanks (0.8.11). The gameplay you see is from a replay in my Centurion I on Ruinberg.

You can download both mods here:
Voice Mod (IMPORTANT: National vocies have to be disabled in the game options for this mod to work!):
Sixth Sense Mod:

Be aware, that in order for the Sixth Sense Mod to work, you need to have XVM installed, which you can get here:

Download XVM

You can find the original Voice Mod by NoblePlatoon as well as a lot of other Voice Mods in this thread:

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