World of Tanks Mod Spotlight – XVM Tutorial and Custom Config (Working in 8.11)

This is a showcase and guide / tutorial for the XVM Mod for WoT. I tell you everything the default configuration does, show you my custom config, how you can install XVM and make your very own custom configuration for XVM. If you have any questions or problems, leave me a comment under the video!

XVM Mod:
My custom config:
XVM config editor:


  1. Liam Hill

    Thank u so much, This really helped me, Keep making videos and keep up the good work

  2. Pavel Gonda

    thank you for your time to prepare this video – very useful!

  3. Marcel Grec

    i cant set it up after patch 9.4. please make a new short video on how. I have it on default config but it doenst upload my configuration settings, i did like you said in video but its defaut not what i uploaded. thanks

  4. Russian_Daniel HD

    do you have to reinstall XVM when you get a knew update or am i wrong

  5. Daniel Neacsu

    1:13 hits with total dmg and last dmg , how you moved from top of team list between team list and score board ? (you moved Hits:#0 Dmg: Last: to right.. but how?)

  6. Péter Bischoff

    It working on 9.0?

  7. DJGarboot

    Does it matter if I opened it with notepad, if so how do I change it so it is no longer opening as a notepad

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