1. Iron Sight

    holycrap, that look great!

  2. TheMMOptimist

    So as somebody who has been out of the loop is 1.0 just visual changes for the most part?

  3. Mark Levin

    Germania map is an EXCELLENT Idea.

  4. zoki kostadinov

    your comment about Natzy flags is retarded .. and "they have Soviet flags .. Stalin killed many ppl " … u freaks drop the nukes.. u murdered more ppl in last 70 years then all kingdoms and countries and tribes during last 10 k years combined ..freaking Murderican

  5. sunnywei2001

    Would be nice is you could increase the video quality to 1440. Thanks.

  6. Bojan Vidakovic

    can the shell tracers quality get custom settings low/mediums/high?

  7. Keith Davis

    They don't add the Swastikas because some European countries ban any display of Nazi symbols (runic SS, Swastikas, death's head emblem, etc) in an effort to erase anything Nazi related. They don't want to give anyone any reason to even act out those people. The only time you're allowed to have those symbols in some of these countries is STRICTLY educational purposes like documentaries. No entertainment movies, games, etc. Just look at what happened to the new Wolfenstein in Germany.

  8. arthur probsting

    RIP War Thunder

  9. Dante Stark

    Doesnt War Thunder have swasticas in it?

  10. zeroyuki922

    That country music man, and suddenly it returns to transformer song.

    Anyway, thanks for the vid. I guess a good tracking skill is vital to survive against 268.4 YOLO memes. WG totally need to at least nerf its mobility quite a bit

  11. The Moore Clan

    I'm jealous your facial hair can grow like that.

  12. PR0J3CTW4RRI0R

    Didn't recognize the maps at first, took me a second. heh, I think that's a good thing. Thanks for the dank footage.

  13. G.J. Venhuis

    Good to see that even you have sh*tty games ones in a while. Makes you human, and gives me hope and convidence to do beter one day. Keep on streaming and posting vid's.

  14. Rainer Ait

    am… am i the… FUCKING WHOOOOOOOOOO THE FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!