World of Tanks: MTLS-1G14 | 1,119 Damage | 8 Kill Madness

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World of Tanks Commentary for the tier 3 rare American light tank MTLS-1G14. In this match I destroy 8 tanks and do a grand total of 1,119 damage.

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  1. Gulp_Man102

    Dang I really want this tank. If WG ever decides to sell it it will probably be in a very expensive 100$ + package.

  2. Layne Smith

    There's only 1 that exsists on the SEA server. And I own it xD

  3. Всеволод Красницкий

    Кто из России?

  4. TippyGunman

    going to be given free this December on xbox one.

  5. Шаповал Евгений


  6. IkaroszHUN

    I need this tank

  7. Boner Boner

    they just added it to the xbox version

  8. GamingDragon32

    I just got murdered buy that thing on Xbox 360 wot. It's in the game I don't know how but it IS

  9. Askabani Youtube


  10. Максим Стовбуров

    Хули по английски пиздишь?

  11. Maciej Baczkiewicz

    Pz II ausf g is really similar vehicle with 3 cm gun (with a lot more penetration), and it is in normal tech tree. So i think this tank isn't so much OP.


    Another thought, if the turret traverse was reduced to between  24-28d/s, it might make it more competitive. Got the idea from looking at my T7 Combat Car, decent hull traverse of 44d/s with a turret traverse of 24d/s, means getting flanked is very bad. The current combined traverse is 84d/s, that might make it difficult to flank it.

  13. Trabant GTI

    hey can you tell me how i can become a supertester ? or getting such a media account 😉


    I agree, move it to tier 4, then it may be balanced enough for release. I have been waiting near a year, since I heard about it, for it to come out. 

  15. Dmar bottan

    Could I get codes for all these special tanks I thought u could get codes for the pz2j

  16. Tyler Joles

    So that isn't your account is it? Noticed the scorpion in the garage

  17. Neogenex

    I… want… one. Nuff said.

  18. selkiemaine

    I tried this when they first had it on the test server – before they implemented autoloading guns.  It sucked back then.  Now, holy crap.

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