World of Tanks || NEW GRAPHICS – HD MAPS in 4K

World of Tanks – HD Maps. Wargaming have released a preview of the upcoming new graphics in World of Tanks – BIGGEST change in YEARS!

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  1. Aws Zaidon

    they addin new light tonks like the T92 and i guess 2 or 3 more moar nd moar tonks comin boyos dis christmas is gonna be frikkin awesome for WOT

  2. jakobgrimminger

    Looking good

  3. Osmond Wong

    Release the 12 and work slowly to get the other maps done.
    In world of warships, WG put quantity over quality, which brings the down hill of wows. Like csgo, you don't need a lot of maps to make gameplay enjoyable.

  4. Mac Lochlainn

    Watching this on my new KS7500 for an XBOX 1X preview.

  5. Marcus. T

    This is epic, i just hope that they uptade UI to something more sleek like the new World of Warplanes! That would be great!

  6. Yuri Geinish

    They can't release only part of the maps because it's unthinkable to make such huge visual changes from battle to battle.

  7. lov3masterns

    WG gives new graphics to fix the game? WG… WG never changes! I'd rather have fair and free game than this hiding behind "cool" graphics or sounds and what-not. I still play games from 90s and still enjoying them, because they are F-ing awesome! WG fix your God damn game, as in game mechanics and playability and not being pay2win etc.

  8. Mark Hopper

    I am looking forward to playing on these wonderful new and improved maps! Keep the great work up WOT.

  9. stefan brink


  10. Terry Crook

    I really likd these maps made it more realistic

  11. Kyllein MacKellerann

    They didn't release the new maps with 9.20.1. Today, (Oct 18th, 2017) I was on both Himmelsdorf and Redshire and they were the same old maps. I think Wargaming has been trolling their reviewers with these "improved maps" since having been on two maps that were supposed to be released in 9.20.1 I can affirm that they are not new and improved; they are the same old maps we've been playing on since forever.

  12. Martin Drake

    Old maps with 4K,yeah baby

  13. Martin Drake

    Looking fantastic

  14. WinterJasper

    polish tech tree?

  15. Nickey Mashburn

    This update is the same as all the rest .. gameplay sucks … played 20 games so far and EVERY game one sided …. closest game was by 9 tanks … get real … THEY don't care about gameplay.. never will

  16. tyoer lauf

    the map gives me a head pain

  17. Paul Ringuette

    Put them in the game as soon as they can. They cannot delay due to players leaving the game.

  18. Verybadtime

    As nice those Maps now look and everything i feel like its to late for it.
    sure some older Players might come back for it but i don't see it keeping those Players because you still got the balancing problem even currency unless you run Premium tier 8 Tanks / Premium Account

  19. Haizum74

    I had a go on the SB server and was very impressed. Everything looks more 3D (if that makes sense) and easier to identify landmarks and areas of the map that in the current version just looked bland and 'samey'. Everything just looks more involving. Also, the water effects were great. I was ogling them while driving my tank through them and got shot as I wasn't taking notice of anything else.
    I didnt have any PC issues (FX6300, 16gb and an R480 card)
    Environmental destruction wasn't working and was like the current version so look forward to seeing that.

    The only downside, I had half a dozen games before the server cut off. Does anyone know when it's back up?

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