World of Tanks || NO CAP K1LL ALL

World of Tanks. Have you ever had your team shout NO CAP K1LL ALL? We’ll here’s what happens when they do!

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  1. QuickyBaby

    Hey everyone – a lot of comments are regarding that this replay has already been featured on other WoT related youtube channels; please keep the following in mind.

    1) I do not spend my every waking hour constantly watching WoT related youtube channels. I have no idea what they feature and do not base my content around what they do.

    2) This replay was uploaded late yesterday and today was the first chance I had to feature it.

    3) I have 500k+ subscribers, I'm sure that the vast majority of those are watching this replay are doing so for the first time – I owe it to them to feature what I consider to be the most entertaining and incredible replays I can find.

    4) Youtubers do not suddenly own games uploaded to wotreplays when they commentate on them. They are public for a reason. Players who upload to wotreplays want to show off their amazing game play to the WoT community and content creators, like myself, facilitate this process.

    5) Even if PewDiePie started creating WoT content and had already commentated on this replay I would still feature it. This is my channel and I produce content I would want to watch. I thought this was an incredible game and I love commentating on such awesome rounds.

    Therefore I will continue to feature my favourite replays on my channel irrelevant of who else has used them to make content and hope that you lovely ladies and gentlemen will have as much fun watching them as I do making them 🙂

  2. Joseph Abraham

    QuickyBaby: To answer your question about the "Kill-All, No-Cap" I say fuck that. I play to win (console). I primarily play the American Line. What I enjoy the most is when these goobs start screaming into the mic that I'm a coward or a pussy or other denigrating terms. After muting the idiots, I usually just let them know they have until the cap time limit to find the last couple of bad guys and kill em. It's almost more fun trolling the current team while sitting on the cap than it is destroying enemy tanks. People get pretty worked up about it.

  3. LegitMidnightJokers

    I agree with the no cap kill all. This is kid of the 1 in 1000 chance like getting struck by lightning They slowly funneled in towards him basically 1by 1 rather than playing as a team and swarming him. Seven tanks that are a one shot could have easily taken him down had they had some teamwork

  4. ted101975

    Where's the Christmas tree

  5. daiseechain

    If you hide the turret the e50 and the e75 look the same

  6. Richard Holmes

    i was grinding for this tank but now grinding like mad for the fv215 183b ….but hell only just got the tortoise unlocked and the tracks now i need the top gun and then i need to ean so much to unlock it and find 4k credits …not sure if that even possible ….

  7. Haizum74

    That map is notorious for everyone going down the left side (when its a cap game) and a few heading to cap, getting killed, usually when its a two tier up load of tanks that side, and then those on the left having to travel across map to stop cap countdown of the enemy which usually ends in them not making it and the other team winning. Infuriates me no end.

  8. Unther

    This is why I don't decap in 98% of cases

  9. Illuminous Anarky

    i haven't seen anyone say it, but i thought it was just common courtesy because, as you pointed out, you'll get more in the end. capping can be a strategic move, but it's pretty disappointing when a bunch of players decide to just end the game early and flip a table.

  10. Rüssian Player

    I wish this was how wotb looked liked

  11. ian dms

    WG needs to badly buff the xp for capping

  12. Nammy Deplume

    Even if you were 'Jesus'Baby, you'd still get haters — that's what they do. Anyway, I've been on a few games where players were screaming to abandon the cap circle. In a few games, we did and we lost! Love your channel — your videos help me be a better player.

  13. Harii

    the enemy team was greedy you see it every day it gets pretty annoying.

  15. jazzmanparker

    that t-44 got roasted by his team im guessing 😀

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