World of Tanks O-Ho – 10 Kills 7,9K Damage

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World of Tanks O-Ho – 10 Kills 7,9K Damage

Medals received: Pool’s Medal, Cool-Headed, Defender, High Caliber, Top Gun

The O-Ho is a Japanese tier 8 heavy tank.

The O-Ho was a further development of the idea of a superheavy tank with improved armor protection. The vehicle had a good set of guns that allowed for all-angle fire. The project was discontinued due to the war ending. No finished prototypes were built and the vehicle never saw action.

The O-Ho is natural evolution from The O-Ni, With upgraded overall armor (And good sloped front and very tough miniturrets), Massive HP pool (1700) and hard-hitting 15cm derp that now had only 15 seconds reload time. It’s formidable opponent to fight with. But in downside. Its cheek and side is still the main weakspot that makes it very vulnerable when got flanked. Its huge ammorack on side that often damaged, Quite slow speed, And fairly largely size that attracts enemy SPGs. And the Stupidly placed mini-turrets on front that limits its gun depression on front. With the much of its downside, The O-Ho can be somewhat frustrated to play as.

The O-Ho leads to the Type 4 Heavy.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016



  1. marinko tinko

    that why u need have he in all tanks

  2. marinko tinko

    kv5 moron

  3. uei mark

    MVP is KV-5

  4. *Mr Gas Mask*

    O Ho – Ho – Ho
    Happy Holidays

  5. Otimush Rider


  6. Gasper _

    So lucky !!!!!!

  7. Sopsher!

    equipos de mierda que tocan
    uno juega como nunca y se pierde como siempre

  8. hà như nhã

    Why KV5 not use HE?

  9. Great Kush

    Is all is6 driver tht stupid?

  10. Tobias Rebhan

    The arty noob didnt deserve the victory…

  11. Tobias Rebhan

    The arty noob didnt deserve the victory…

  12. Mariano_ 55

    cmn, red team was soo fk noob and kV5, premium kid wtf was that

  13. SmeabDG

    8/10 good

  14. Balázs Bálint Cseresnyés

    omfg :DD fucked artys:DDD

  15. Maffia Peti