World of Tanks || O-NI – Tank Review

World of Tanks -Tank Review of the T7 Japanese Heavy the O-NI. The biggest and most brutal tank at T7!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


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Dead Reckoning (Sting) – Ethan Meixsell


  1. Mega Dragon King

    I had a game one time where I killed 10 tanks dealt over 8000 damage blocked over 10,000 needless to say I still lost the game because my team was completely incompetent and I eventually got swarmed by other heavies and TDs oh I almost forgot to mention I was using the Derp Gun too

  2. armyraw29

    im not getting this my 212 pen gun cant go threw those mini turrets.

  3. SRGshadow

    nah he 910 alpha is life

  4. Sebastian de Vera

    I wish I wish they put Japanese heavies on Blitz 🙁

  5. NoxiousFlipz YT

    They need to move the ammo somewhere else on the O Ni. I get hit in the ammo rack to muck i hate it

  6. John von Shepard

    Need more Armor.

  7. Yousuf Hasan - YH World

    This tank doesn't fear to any tier 6-7 tanks but it fears an SPG xD ! Then think how much powerful SPGs are ?! But tier 6 ARL 44's top gun's AP round can penetrate it's frontal armor if not angled I have tested it. It's problem is it's giant design ! If it was designed like Nameless tank then we all have fun with it..and another thing is the repair cost if it destroyed the you have to pay over 10K CR and that is only repair cost ! Ammo costs, kits costs are not included so very hard to make CR with this giant for standard account user & yes I'm agree with Kookie Baby T29. IS, Tiger P are all rounder tanks at tier 7

  8. Yunru

    He says perfect match up. Then he says tier VII and no arty.
    And I think "So many fucken tomatos to burn"

  9. SomeRandomStarWarsFan

    Dont u mean O-NO ??? xD

  10. Chad Wolford

    Any heavy tank at top tier has crazy armour and gun stats, t29 Churchill tiger. They require no more skill to play than this one. They all have a huge percentage to block and deal huge damage. Doesn't require no skill my ass.


    I'm gonna be getting the o ni but i play xbox 1

  12. Grease

    cmon guys the japanese just wanted something to overcome the russian bias and americans

  13. awsome1010101

    22:40 This is why I run super heavy spall liner on these tanks, slow moving arty bate = SHSL I don't care if something more useful can be used there, I HATE clickers.

  14. Vlad Wolf

    Please answer me ☺, how can I pen a O-Ni in the front with the crappy Churchill 7 gun because i find myself fighting one of those big tanks oftenly.

  15. おん!! NEWごち

    0:33 I did't expect i can hear Japanese in this video lolol

  16. TheIrrelevant

    oni means demon in japanese

  17. Sm0keytheband1t

    SCPH1001 … i see someone else also loves his emulators ^

  18. Sky punch 262


    Japanese translation


  19. Mr19602

    who needs to pen with the 150cm just shoot under them easy 400+ plus dmg

  20. DownGaming

    in the 3rd replay, i was wondering why you weren't using superheavy spore liner (if thats what its called). my recommended setup for this tank is superheavy spore liner, the wet ammo rack, and the equipment for the suspension.

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