World of Tanks || Object 140 – 12,000 DMG

Today IlTritaTutto is going to show us how to carry hard in the T10 Soviet medium tank the Object 140, dominating the opposition on Ruinberg.


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  1. craneo spacca

    grande tritatutto !

  2. Eric Ritchings

    That was amazing

  3. Roiske Kala

    noob jgpz e100

  4. Itz Dirty J69 ! ! !

    great game play/commentary, but awful connection. its so choppy

  5. Ruggero Nardini

    Il Trita Tutto!

  6. Wargamer2k

    12:56 has me dead

  7. Benjamin Killam


  8. Benjamin Killam

    My favourite tank making garbage out of the enemy's and making a fool out or jadgpanzer e 100

  9. Golden_Gamer

    smaltimento dei rifiuti is garbage disposal

  10. Golden_Gamer

    according to google translate IlTritaTutto translates to 'the chopper'

  11. oni weathering

    Noob JgPzE100

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