World of Tanks || Object 140 vs T62A

Today I’m playing in one of the T10 Soviet medium the Object 140 with my brother Zaonce. I frequently get asked how to compare the Object 140 to the other popular T10 Soviet medium the T-62A, so here’s a detailed look.


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  1. C Mac

    The T-62A is clearly the superior tank in the conversation of Soviet mediums. No clue why this topic is discussed so much.

  2. MrChatterbox gaming


  3. Pino Vrandecic

    T-62A for me. Gotta love that turret

  4. Tony Montana

    gj man

  5. IDecypher

    im watching on my samsung note 4 and its quite good on 1080p!

  6. Clash2 Clash2

    Which is better obj140 or t62a

  7. Edvin C

    Should i go for E50M, Obj 140, Obj 430 or T62A?

  8. Tom

    So I'm grinding the T-54 atm, and I've been having trouble deciding which one to get, this video shows both strengths and weaknesses of both, but I'm still not sure. The Obj. 140 seems to have better hull armour, but the T-62A seems to have a nicer turret. I've got a lot of xp left to go so I can decide in the meantime, but any insight would be great.

  9. Srdrmncl

    with 300 ping , both are sucking cock

  10. General Ceralis

    thx 😉

  11. William Wolfe

    I've been getting horrible numbers on my T62a. Using all three types of ammo, well aware of weak spots. 56%WR overall, 38% in the T62. The problem seems to be with the gun. I'm penning less than 30% of my shots. Last game was 26 hits/2 pens. I can't play like this. You set guys up for a flank or a rear shot just to watch shell after shell bounce. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Марио Петров

    T62A is my favorite tank since the beginning … I can not turn my soul and get another tank …

  13. Bradley T. Bjerken

    I have the 140 and love it! Thinking about picking up the T-62A also…

  14. Lam Anson

    I have three Soviet meds Obj 430 obj 140 and T-62A

  15. bambucia Gaming

    the quality is much better in this video

  16. Chu Tuoc

    In real life, the T62 series actually have 115mm main canon. Just saying.


    140 over the 62. 140 side armor are stronger since it's sloped while the t-62 is flat and front armor effected by sloping to only 170-180mm maximum while 140 has better sloping angle, giving its 190+ mm thick of effective thickness.

  18. Vincent Chao

    WOW I would love to platoon with you 🙂

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