1. Cyphi

    Wow you finally made it? CG 🙂

  2. Hercule

    Bravo esti tare, eu m-am chinuit sa iau t55 a iar obj. 260 nu pot si nici nu mai vreau sa al iau , tu al ai si reusesti sa obttii al treilea marks inca o data bravo.

  3. Quanah Bear

    And this is why optics > vents

  4. bayram şentürk

    260 or ıs 7 how is the strong

  5. Cedrikou LPT

    please e75 or Ferdinand?

  6. EyefyourGf

    Lets just stop pretending,and admit you paid daki to do this MingRee

  7. Victor G

    is he romanian ?

  8. Marian Ionuț

    bravooo orzy … esti cel mai bun player roman pe care il cunosc … bafta si tine-o tot asa!!! all respect for you!!!

  9. Alexandru Assassinn hadshoot

    Hello Is 4 IT is a good tank ?

  10. stink dier

    hardest tank to get it at all:)

  11. zruby 01

    Congratz Orzy this tank is crazy hard to mark. I have 1.8k battles in it and cant get over 90% feelbadman 🙁

  12. el komle

    Like wtf did my eyes just see, this guy has 3 marks i dont know how, this one of the worst plays with obj 260 i have ever seen in my life, casual premium bot, cant pentrate shit with stock APCR ammo… chagne the game pls go to League of leneds or something

  13. Maarten Draw

    The stress on your face when you bounced those first shots was amazing

  14. Cobra6 Gaming

    What are you talking about, not exciting? Super yolo-potato play combined with no artillery, it was a lot of fun to watch 😀

  15. JFskeezix

    Liked before watching the video!

  16. Feeder Fishing

    Brutal! GG man!

  17. Chickenboy1400

    Well played Orzy! From Tipsy

  18. Florin Ro

    cool!! bravo orzanel !! tot asa in continuare!

  19. DacucelRau

    Foarte frumos jucat, te-ai riscat mult 😀

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