World of Tanks Object 704 – 9 Kills 9,7K Damage (1 VS 8)

World of Tanks Object 704 - 9 Kills 9,7K Damage (1 VS 8)

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World of Tanks Object 704 – 9 Kills 9,7K Damage (1 VS 8)

Medals received: Kolobanov’s Medal, Radley-Walter’s Medal, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Top Gun

The Object 704 is a Soviet tier 9 tank destroyer.

Developed in 1945 on the basis of the IS-2 and IS-3 vehicles, under the supervision of Joseph Kotin. One of the distinctive features was the slope angle of armor plates. Passed trials successfully, but never entered service.

A direct upgrade from its Tier VIII parent the ISU-152, the Object 704 feels like an improvement in all aspects over its predecessor, save perhaps for top speed, enabling the player to do much more then what the 152 would normally allow. The first noticeable difference is the fact that the 704 has a reduced vertical profile which makes for improved camouflage. Therefore, your crew’s top priority should be a maximized camouflage skill. This tank is incredibly difficult to spot when masked by terrain, and a crew proficient in camouflage will make it almost invisible, staying undetected and un-spotted while unleashing a devastating salvo on clueless opponents who will have no idea where the shots are coming from. The devastating salvo is, of course, courtesy of your improved BL-10 main gun which sees a nice boost of stats when compared to its performance on the ISU-152. It becomes more accurate, aims quicker and fires faster.

The armor of the Obj. 704 is another breath of fresh air for weary ISU drivers. While it is thicker, boasting a 120mm frontal plate as opposed to the ISU’s 90mm, its true advantage is in the sharp, acute angles which comprise its layout. Because of these extremely angled surfaces, the Object 704 is littered with hard-points and voids of spaced armor which will infuriate enemy players as their perfectly placed shots do no damage even when scoring direct hits. Despite this, it is inadvisable to allow your tank to be the main target of enemy guns. You are, after all, an ambushing tank destroyer not a front line vanguard. Position yourself in a spot which allows for maximum use of the 704’s camouflage rating and in turn has good line of sight to possible enemy pathways. As your teammates light up the tanks of the enemy, let loose with the BL-10 and watch from cover as the enemy team buckles under the pressure of your high alpha damage. Combined with its improved maneuverability, a well-driven Obj. 704 will spell an ill-fated assault for the enemy team and will enable its player to wreak havoc and reap the rewards.

The Object 704 leads to the Object 268.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016



  1. Dane Hart

    2 guy afk sweet

  2. Joseph Staller

    8:16 The Emil had this opportunity to clip out the Object 704 and yet he doesn't seize it. If the Emil dumped his clip into him this game would have been over or the object 704 would have been on low health for the IS to finish him off. Maybe he was reloading but he missed a huge opportunity to put down the object.

  3. 易双鹏

    amazing game

  4. fyshh

    No ennemies ^^

  5. Halil Mutlu

    Hahaha report wg

  6. Jakub Miček

    lucky guy 2 afk

  7. Darren Clarke

    was this a set-up?

  8. Ionut Envyme

    Russian are always retards

  9. Kekulus Rift

    hahahahaha wtf was that, fucking up twice on that afk tiger p, how is that even possible? Literally missing a barn from 1 meters distance does take a special skill.

  10. นายอ๊อฟ Chanel


  11. Victory 799

    He is just lucky all 8 of his opponents were noobs… the arty diliberately missed him… and the others didnt rush in to kill him when he fired.

  12. Potato Harry

    Yellow monkey…lol

  13. Alexyder

    I look all your video I love you have a good skill

  14. daniel yasin

    no gold rounds-like

  15. K Block

    terrorble noobs

  16. Ekmek


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