World of Tanks || On a Mission – Set them on Fire!

World of Tanks || On a Mission - Set them on Fire!

Today I’m trying to complete the MT-9 mission – set two enemies on fire… Using the T9 British medium tank the Centurion 7/1.

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  1. That One SS Worker

    Quicky has just become an Arsonist


    This is one of those times I wish we still had all chat.

  3. miguel silva

    I got 3 fires once. Secret? 105mm on the Pz. IV H and lots of HE to the butt.

  4. Omar Juvera

    Good to know that HEAT or HE will increase your chances to set vehicles on fire.

  5. Leon xD

    LOL that Sounds so funny When You say Waffenträger xD im german And that is funny

  6. Mikhael Lumbres

    I remember doing this one. I pushed up an LTTB against a rock where his engine deck was where I could fire down at it. so I loaded HE in my Caernarvon and luckily he used a fire extinguisher so I could do it again.

  7. Leaning tower of Stalin

    I have no idea how I got myself in this situation but I was in a 1v1 with a jagtiger and my borsig but my team was who knows where (had the stock gun btw) and I fired 2 shells into his bottom plate and thanks to rngesus both the shots set him on fire lmao

  8. NEV Nev

    I'm on my last stug TD mission and I have to do 3k dmg but I don't have a TD higher than teir 6 so I'm using he box tank. Any tips? I've been at this for a while now

  9. NoisyPl@net

    Why always Jingles dies first ?

  10. Gypsy Danger

    I got 2 fire bake to bake

  11. Henry D.

    I took more damage in my Churchill VII but my team lost us the Round

  12. La Capo

    what happen to this map on EU servers.. i love this map.. did they delete iit ?

  13. Addison Dean

    I got it first try with the comet I guess it was pure luck or something

  14. Ethan Philip

    Your voice sucks for the wf pzlV

  15. Musketeer32Gaming

    Thank god they are reworking this one in 9.15

  16. Sakura Hikari

    i did most of my MT missions in my VK 30.01 P all i need is the very last mission

  17. jørgen sæterdalen

    I cant understand how jingles got more subs than you, you got better videos and we can actually hear you

  18. Mike French

    gotta love how Quicky casually talks about "how long" it took him to get 2 fires. 10 to 20 battles. LMAO! I have been shooting people in the back for over 50 battles and not a single fire. Sigh.

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