1. Andi Darmawan

    http://salaryon.com/?refer=4328 got real gold and did not break the rules


    Hi i am ZARA7HUS7RA play whit mi i have 67 000 000 of silver

  3. Potato Legend

    What about the tier 10 battles, or does this tank have premium matchmaking?


    You did not use any silver increase op?

  5. Zack Rupp

    What's the music?

  6. Doom stare

    so much good rammings, but i facepalm every single time when someone bounced on your tank…. A FUCKING FRENCH PAPER TANK!!! but amazing video mate, and i am currently going for the maus lol,

  7. Suzuki Tester28

    I own the Libertè. NO IDEA HOW U PLAY IT THOU

  8. Suzuki Tester28


  9. PeneX

    xD wypierdalać 😀

  10. ModernRicky25

    My E50M can turn a full HP Batchat into scrap

  11. World of tanks #PlayBetter

    Like how I use my IS and a good battle with 5 kills gives me 30,000 max and u it's like 400,000 average, I see why u can get 3,000,000 in 10 days and I will do it in 10 freaking years

  12. Shock Wave

    It's easy to do it if you have that tank

  13. Semmy Ilbrink

    Jou have alott mark of excellente

  14. My_Replays#ConTv#Bolsomito

    Hmm this is interesting

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