World of Tanks – Patch 8.0 Adaptive Camoflage and the Panzer IV Review

World of Tanks - Patch 8.0 Adaptive Camoflage and the Panzer IV Review

Just for the sake of argument, WG are calling it patch 8.0 so that’s the system I’ll be using too. Meanwhile I take a quick look at the adaptive camo and vehicle customisation options in patch 8.0, then it’s on to the Panzer IV patch 8.0 review.

Mods used:
Reticle with Reload Timer:
„It’s a Trap!“ Sixth Sense Perk Icon:
Coloured Tank Icons:
Damage Panel:
Camera Zoom Mod:


  1. IS-2

    Today,Pz IV H has OP 10.5cm.

  2. Precedia

    Patch 8.0 Seriously…. XD

  3. Chronic Depression

    the nerfed it, and chopped it up into pieces

  4. Stephane Matelski

    Why does war gaming downgrade German tanks

  5. Miguel Yusay

    Jingles, please do a new review on this thing with the new sideskirts and the 105mm howitzer! I find it to be superior to the sherman using the derp now

  6. Chris Brewer

    russian bias & they hate germans

  7. Mike Harner

    11:47… Premature detonation. Some of you know what Jingles means. Giggity.

  8. Valentin Soto

    that's the actual panzer in real life dude that other pz4 didn't even exist

  9. Scott Parslow

    i play on xbox360 and on the panzer 4 and u get a 10.5 gun

  10. RichleicaMP

    I am new to WOT. I am on tier 3 WOT Blitz. PZ iii etc.  Why aren't my graphics amazing like they r on all these clips I watch?

  11. Friely WATP

    This or the Hetzer?

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