World of Tanks – Patch 8.1 Preview – Churchill Mk I Tier 5 Heavy Tank

Here’s the first of the British heavy tanks, at tier 5 we have the Mark I Churchill, with a hull-mounted (but purely cosmetic) 105mm Howitzer and an interesting 75mm gun, the Churchill feels more like a T1 Heavy or an M6 than it’s Lend-Lease premium Russian counterpart.

Mods used:
Crosshairs with Reload Timer:
Demoles‘ Damage Panel:


  1. kotormaster1975

    omg the churchill looks much fast then on the 360 version all that time ago it was slower then a bloody slug on the 360 version are you speeding the gameplay up never known it to look that fast? lol

  2. kotormaster1975

    jingles as always great vid has there been any changes over the years on this tank and if so is there enough to make a updated vid on the tanks in general no just the church? have a good one on the battlefield my friend

  3. Joseph Stalin

    jingles doesnt know what a tog 2 is?

  4. Lore

    I don't know how to drive this tank yet.
    Turret armor is bad, gun depression is Russian and slow.
    Besides a good gun, I can't seem to find other good thing about it.
    Infantry tank, annihilated by another tank.

  5. emolyn75

    This tank when going up hills sure have a big problem cause it looks like a rod sio

  6. emolyn75

    The front arm our is so thick that no bullet can penetrate its body lol

  7. Wooo gaming

    Jingles u love tog2

  8. kamran wains


  9. KyleH1357

    dem graphics tho

  10. 69 Gamers

    I hate the churchill 1 just cos of its speed, the gun is good and the armour is meh, with that bullshit speed limit id expect way more armour its such a boring tank to play aswell, no fun compared to the cromwell or centurion action X

  11. Oniichan Destroyer

    so,this is the first time that jingles see TOGII.. and called TOGII a "weird tank"..

  12. John W

    Lmfao. " what is that thing? a TDG 2…never heard of it"

  13. Isaian Kit

    Little did he know, he was going to join the fleet

  14. BenDocB

    jingles please do some reviews… cuz many of your old reviews are outdated because of all the patches

  15. Doc Surely

    Jingles, remember when you didn't know what a TOG was? haha classic

  16. Cannibal Sausage

    KV-1 beats this thing every time.

  17. Jarvis Rosette

    I'm up to Matilda though

  18. Jarvis Rosette

    The best tank I have is t1 heavy

  19. Andrès Rivas

    The Churchill Mk 1 is by far a very competative tank if your a experience tank driver.

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