World of Tanks – Patch 8.8 Preview – A-43 Tier 6 Medium Tank

Still on the patch 8.8 test server, I take a look at the new Soviet Tier 6 medium, the A-43. – Play World of Tanks Free

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System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 680GTX graphics card, running at 1920×1080 resolution

Mods used (8.7 compatible):
Crosshairs with Reload Timer:
Tank Icons:

Intro by DiigitalDesigns


  1. Kava Tava

    Ok I really wanted this tank not to suck – it is beautiful and moves awesome but ok – I admit, it sucks. At first I used the 76mm gun – but it's not accurate enough, it misses more than it actually hits! Then I used the ZIS-4 and – I spent a fortune of credits in my battles! It's awesome gun on T-34, but you very often have to use premium just to pen. And 85 average damage? On a tank that gets killed in 2 or 3 shots? This feels like having A-20 all over again, back when A-20 went to t7 and t8 battles – driving very mobile but fragile little tank that barely does any damage but gets killed so easily. The penetration problem makes this so expensive so I'm selling it right now and buying a Cromwell instead. Also, if you have to use ZIS-4 on a tier 6 tank, it's probably better to get the MT-25 instead. Because A-43 with this gun just isn't a medium tank.

  2. Kava Tava

    so basically this is a Russian Cromwell?

  3. Kava Tava

    Oh my god! This little thing is so enjoyable! It moves like the wind! I just bought it and took it to training room and I am completely thrilled! The way this tank avoids getting hit is amazing – and the way it turns oh my god! and it actually climbs Himmelsdorf at over 40 km/h speed which is mindblowing. But yeah gun isn't great for a tank that meets tier 8 tanks but you get to carry 100 rounds of ammo and it is a good gun and tank is fast enough to go to the side/rear of anyone. Very recommended tank. I prefer T 34 85 because of being more dangerous, but this baby is more fun.

  4. DI4M

    it's so cool!

  5. Ghostwish11

    Is this video still relevant? Is it still a red on wheels?

  6. Felix24148

    I looked around on your channel and I didn't find any reviews of the Char B1 Bis. Did you make any?

  7. fakemail4suckers

    So…. Just skip this POS with free XP?

  8. Benedikt Geierhofer

    Zis 4…I love you…but. Glorious on tier 4 (T-28), resonable on tier 5 (T-34) but 6…no…I take you on a scout…but not on a medium…just no…take the MT-25 if you really want it.

  9. Leon Krivec

    I love the a-34 to its my Favorit Tier 6 Tank together with the Jackson

  10. nikoladd

    The S-54 gun on A-43 has significantly different rate of fire and aiming time than the same gun on T-34 and on T-34-85 it's also different.

  11. Ron R

    This tank is by far my favorite in wot. Yes, it's armor and gun depression suck, but the rate of fire, accuracy, speed, maneuverability, and fast turret capability more than make up for it. I've had plenty of top gun and high caliber awards in this beauty. To call it a grind is inaccurate, if you are a bad player this is definitely not the tank for you.

  12. MatthewGames1

    Lol, cock flavored lollipop 

  13. AdmiralXXX

    The a-43 is my favourite tank in whole world of tanks. maybe you call me crazy, but if you are able to flank your enemies, and you are able to do this with this tank, the awesome DPM shows his good side. i actually only have good games, i never fail in this tank, i even do most dmg and most xp in tier 8 matches. i simply love this tank, and you might be scared of its stats and your first rounds in it but when you manage to get it to work this thing is simply a BEAST.

    my opinion 😉