World of Tanks – Patch 8.9 Preview – Marder II and Marder38t

World of Tanks - Patch 8.9 Preview - Marder II and Marder38t

The first step down the new German Tank Destroyer line is the old Marder II, nerfed into oblivion in successive patches until it finally gave up fighting and died in patch 7.5. It’s been „rebalanced“ in 8.9, let’s see exactly what that means, and is its tier 4 successor – the Marder38t any good?

00:13 Marder II
08:38 Marder38t
15:06 Marder38t gameplay – Play World of Tanks Free

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System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 680GTX graphics card, running at 1920×1080 resolution

Intro by DiigitalDesigns


  1. Mickael Wittmann

    Why did they nerf it 🙁 I loved it so much I had 411 games ;(

  2. lammy tgfkc

    trust me it is murder to drive it with a 50% trained crew but the gun is amazing so I won't complain

  3. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    I played MarderII recently and loved it! Excelent win ratio, mastery badge, excellent damage

  4. Repeater Lanes

    I got my First Top gun in my Marder 38T. My first battle hero was Confederate in my M8A1 and my latest was Invader in my ST vz. 39.

  5. chippyjohn1

    I love the 38t, I've got well over 30 masteries in it

  6. Lee Hong Hui

    Lolz, I find it great to kill tier 2 tanks and i called it the 'T18 Killer'!

  7. Michael Milian

    I was playing with the Marder II and re most embarrassing thing ever happened to me. I was the only Tank alive and there was an enemy artillery and light tank. The light tank was on my sights and I am pretty good, but I missed every… single… time. MY SIGHTS WERE RED AND RIGHT ON THE BIGGEST PART OF THE TANK!!! Everyone on team speak was like, "you suck!" But I didn't have my mic cuz I lost it and I didn't know how to explain that it just sucks… Thank you to the YouTuber who has taken his/her time to find out I am a total loser

  8. kam hagh

    I know this is old by my marder II is nothing like this, when i play if i find targets they're behind hills which require me to get close or in straight line with them to be able to shoot at them, and my bullets are way too slower!

  9. Penguin

    So i was in this tier 5 game and there was a t-28 on my team that couldn't stop whining about how i only killed low health tanks to get my 4 kills. In the end i did 800 damage.

  10. Panzer_ Bill

    I just started the German TD line last night and had some fun with the Panzerjaeger I, then moved to the Marder II. I was impressed. It plays well. I can only imagine how it must have been before! The crew I use is from the E-25 I bought before they stopped selling it, All have camo and are almost to their second perk. I have not retrained them, they remain E-25 qualified until I find a favorite German TD. Thanks for all of your reviews, I appreciate the heads-up on vehicles and what to expect!

  11. ftffighter

    I grew up(in WOT) on the Marder II, this TD taught me how to murder in my STUG III! I'm so sad they nerfed it but now see hope in the Marder 38t. I'm gonna buy it and try it out.

  12. Zyzor

    Jackson killed one of the gunners but sadly he was a sitting duck in the tower.

  13. Zyzor

    This thing killed jackson in saving private Ryan.

  14. Ward Ayylmao

    My marder has a 2.5 sec reload, 4 skill crew, even more equipment.
    2.5 k games in it
    More then 6k kills

    Whahaha its fucking OP
    Most kills i got in it 13