World of Tanks – Patch 8.9 Preview – The Waffletraktor auf IV

Back on the test server, I run the Waffletraktor IV through it’s paces and as luck would have it, do best with the gun and ammo I really, really hate. Go figure.

Action starts at 16:29 – Play World of Tanks Free

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System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 680GTX graphics card, running at 1920×1080 resolution

Intro by Maika Design


  1. James O'Brien

    Are you planning on reviewing the Grille 15?

  2. Josef Stalin

    i like the 150 for going to cities and popping out from around corners and obliterating them then going back around the corner

  3. Christian Brooks

    wait, what if the wtf pz 4 (wt auf panzer 4)and the waffle fucker auf wtf 1 clip a maus (wt auf e100) make it into war thunder and armored warfare…………

    oh the carnage

  4. Christian Brooks

    waffle fucker pz 4

  5. Joseph Stalin

    and if you're in the E 100 you at least have the armor to get close to try and aim for weakspots oh btw jingles you just sucj in the E 100 i only carry 10 HEAT rounds 5 he and 35 ap rounds and i rearly fire HEAT ammo

  6. Aleksandar Stanković

    Waffletraktor??? Why not Waffletrigger?

  7. Bryan Nieves

    Relatively good camo rating he says… These things are ninjas mater

  8. Shiron 115

    I had a love hate relationship with this tank in Blitz, and for a while it was mostly hate. The stock guns just aren't as good as they are on the Borsig, and you need 81K to research either of the upgraded guns, and since you need the L61 to get the grille, I just skilled the upgraded 150 entirely. I used the short 150 using a good amount of premium ammo because when fighting tier X, the short 128 just isn't good enough with AP, the 150 isn't either, but the premium on the 150 does a hell of a lot more damage. What really killed me was the lack of stealth. In the Borsig I could fire at Russian tanks from less than 200meters and stay hidden. Not so with the Waffentrager IV.

  9. Tony

    did jingles just say it has 476mm penetration?

  10. Dan Channer

    Jingles, to get the gun down you have to drive it backwards!

  11. LiveWire 909

    I wonder where all those bushes went

  12. Y u hef to be med

    476 mm of pen , really Jingles ? 😛

  13. Motoruven

    My german is rusty as fuck, but I really like the german crew voices as opposed to the american ones

  14. Kevin Pickford

    I have bounced shots in my waffle tractor before

  15. Bagi Róbert

    20:45 I was out of luck if you have a satellite spot

  16. ThatOneSlav

    the 15 cm gun is nice for close range battles cus it has with gun rammer and 100% crew reloads only 14 sec 😮

  17. ThatOneSlav

    dude i flanked and killed so mutch t 10 soviet mediums with the 15 cm gun 🙂

  18. Son Tung Le

    why on the second game you died so early why you"ve full health, you can trick the Obj. 261 by keep run, do you

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