World of Tanks – Patch 8.9 Test Server – Chi-Nu-Kai Tier 5 Premium Japanese Tank

Jinguru-san! Are you very honourable? Hell yeah! Apologies for the below standard video quality in some of the garage sections, I’m investigating to see what went wrong and get it fixed. Gameplay starts at 07:08 – Play World of Tanks Free

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System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 680GTX graphics card, running at 1920×1080 resolution

World of Tanks Intro by Maika Design


  1. MokrySutek

    miss those old maps

  2. Nikopolis

    I love the Chi Nu Kai because unlike most 75 mm guns at tier 5 u get some extra pen and alpha. But the premium ammo gets too little pen compared to the regular AP. I take 40 regular AP, 5 premium rounds and 7 HE for arty and light tanks. Btw great review Jingles.

  3. jortikka a

    Worst tier 5 tank in the game.

  4. John Sampaio

    It's a true medium cuz everything in it is medium get it?

  5. Ahmadreza Alizadeh

    How can you get Japan premium tank in world of tanks blitz

  6. Mike S

    I've had NO luck with this tank or the tier IV. The turret rotation speed is absolute suck for a tier 5 medium, the reticle seems to zoom slower than it should, I can literally be looking at an opening where I would expect the enemy to appear, with binoculars activated and all of sudden two enemy tanks appear and they smear me, like they were sitting there the entire time and they are way within my view range. I'm in the excess of 5,400 games and I've never cussed so much and literally want to chuck the controller across the room. My advice, unless you want to be only a sniper "AKA tank destroyer" stay away from this tank.

  7. Thug _

    Is the t-44-85 the t-44?

  8. Mark Taylor

    hi mighty jingles ive just got chi nu kai type3 nice tank. but i dont mind the rest of japanese line at all. keep up good work hope to hear from you like all tanks reviews on youtube

  9. Joe

    My experience has been the exact opposite XD no matter what i do with the chi-nu kai i suck ass

  10. Kostas Karadimos

    Got it just yesterday,after the4-missions marathon for the 4th WoT anniversary.Well,that's avery good sniper,as long as it's unseen and un-shot,and you get good accuracy.So,I have it full Camo+6th Sense,and Rammer,Vents and Camo Net….

  11. Jayvon Webb

    Its better than some tier 5 premiums

  12. Jayvon Webb

    Its and OK tank but I'd only buy it on special 30% 50% 70% days

  13. Tenpenny

    This tank is amazing got 3 95% mastery medals such a good tank.

  14. ryan adams

    Gettin this tomorrow on 360

  15. Nuke2099

    This just came out on the 360 and in our version we got premium MM for it 🙂