World of Tanks – Patch 8.9 test Server – The Flak Bus!

Time to take a look at the new German tier 5 Tank Destroyer, the Panzer-Selbs… the Panzer-Selbstfahr…. the er…. oh screw it, the Flak Bus. Also, new intro! – Play World of Tanks Free

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System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 680GTX graphics card, running at 1920×1080 resolution

Intro by Exhaust Studios


  1. San Fiero Swag

    Ill back the hell outa there………Backs up 2 feet 24:37

  2. ScarFace 3

    I was driving my chi-he and a flak bus shot the gun-mantel and bounced just be for he died.

    I was at 137 health

  3. ScarFace 3

    I was driving my chi-he and a flak bus shot the gun-mantel and bounced just be for he died.

    I was at 137 health

  4. ChristianMan 777

    If they removed the two side "armor" plated on the side and made the thing have a fully traversable gun, the tank would be like a fast borsig at tier 5 lol. I think that'd be cool!

  5. Stevie Memes

    The OG glass-cannon of WOT

  6. Mikhael Beauparlant

    Little bit of trivia here about that tank… I grinded the line until tier 5 with a friend while drinking like idiots. Drove down a cliff, did other stupid stuff – but didnt do any team damage tho. Even got sick during a game… great times. Althought I don't have this tank anymore, I still hod some great memory, thank you Jingles for that. (back in the day when ur were bohemian eagle I think – ur youtubename) – might be mistaken there, please correct me.

  7. McAkkeezz

    I call it the HE magnet

  8. exseed 77

    Toaster Elite,
    Born to compete,
    Never retreat,
    Toaster Toaster
    (Sing with the chorus from sabaton's Ghost Division)

  9. Good Email

    The panels are supposed to fold down to deploy the gun

  10. Torgor Janota

    honestly, i've found this tank best for flanking positions. it's absolutely terrible for stealth but the speed is good enough to circle around a position and give flanking fire. think about it; it's gun is strong enough to fear and would hopefully force enemies out of a cover position when at risk of crossfire for either friendly artillery or just friendly tanks to kill.

  11. Torgor Janota

    a KV-2 once exposed the back of his turret to me in a flak bus…
    a short time later i was shot and rammed by a hetzer. worth it.

  12. DragonR

    I call the flak bus the deathtoaster

  13. Manuel Scherrer

    warning dont use the stock gun yes it beter in nearly every category but has about 6 times the gun travers srsly as i first used the top gun i mean holy shit. second it not a dedicated sniper i played the russian tds first so get up in the face of the enemy. yes that does not work with this but you can outflank thats also why i probably prefer the on with 6 times the gun travers. qnd no im not youst say crap i had after the 60th game 75/on my gunmarks

  14. anna smtt

    The toster tank has cardboard for armour its garbage it seems like it should be an artillery tank instead of a tank destroyer

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